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Model# KFGG500ESS2 Oven gets to temp only about 1 out of 10 attempts


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Feb 7, 2021
Saint Charles, IL United States
Model Number
1-5 years
Oven temperature stays in "pre-heating" and never gets to set temperature. This happens MOST of the time. During each attempt, have to try to turn oven off and try again. Strangely, if I can manage to get it to 350 degrees, then I can typically get it to the 435 degrees I'm looking for.
Have already tried replacing -
temperature sensor W10833885
Bake igniter W10324262
Tried to fix the issue twice with these 2 parts - trying the temperature probe sensor first and first time after power cycling the unit after replacing the part, the oven worked like a charm, but then failed next attempt to use.
Then tried the bake igniter, and also thought it was the fix after replacing the part and power cycling the unit until I went to use the oven a 2nd time and it still had the same issue.

Generally the symptoms are that the oven never reaches the set temp, doesn't kick out of the preheating cycle and during the process you can eventually hear the igniter clicking 2-3 times, and the gas just doesn't light so then the temp starts to decline. We had gotten to the point where we'd then turn the oven off and try again and typically on the 3rd try, the oven worked like a charm. We can tell when it's going to work ok as we hear the igniter clicking and gas igniting consistently, when it's planning on working properly.

Until today whereas I'm ready to throw this beautiful piece of junk out the door.
We are on attempt 10 and It's gotten to the set temp of 350 - said it had gotten to temp - ended preheating cycle and it's been holding and maintaining 350 for 1 hour - it's a miracle. The only problem is that my end goal is 425 degrees and I'm afraid to stop the oven and set the temp to 425. We did manage to get it to 425 today.

The symptoms are as described in Technical Service Pointer #: W10702913 - but my model # isn't listing as being applicable

I'm technical and have tried reading every blog possible on this topic and can't seem to find root cause and part to replace from anyone else's misery
I'm leaning towards trying to replace either
valve and pressure regulator W10919226
spark module WPW10511278
Control board WPW10643264

Any data driven approach to choosing which to try next vs just eeny meeny miny moe ?

As a side note - EXTREMELY disappointed in the quality of my suite of KitchenAid appliances purchased in the past 4-6 yrs but managed to debug dishwasher & microwave issues
Dishwasher Vent & fan assembly WPW10469574 on dishwasher
Microwave - 3 door switches and line fuse


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Jul 11, 2006
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vs just eeny meeny miny moe ?
That way can get very expensive, very fast.
whereas I'm ready to throw this beautiful piece of junk out the door.
With all the new parts plus the cost of a new range? .........very, very expensive..LOL

OK, first, unplug the machine and measure the resistance of both coils on the DSI valve You're looking for 216Ω on both coils. If the resistance is correct, access the DSI board then restore power to the range. Set the oven to bake (350°-400°). You're looking for 8-18 VDC across J1-1 and J1-2 You're looking for 120 VAC across J1-4 and J1-6.

C-DSI Gas Range-2.jpg



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Feb 7, 2021
Saint Charles, IL United States
Eeek - ok - I hate electric but will digest this very detailed and concise response -
I see the valve photo has a "purple" and a "yellow" port with the annotation of 216 ohms tagged to each of them, so I'm hoping those ports are the location in which to measure "both coils resistence"
If both 216 ohms, we move on to expose the DSI board plug back in - set oven to bake 350-400 and then start measuring VDC & VAC readings
Will report back findings here as soon as I get them - might take a few days to find our multi-meter

Just one more comment though - we have found that first time use after unplugging to replace a part - the oven works on first attempt (both times after replacing the bake igniter and temperature probe) I was doing the "happy dance" because the oven worked immediately after restoring power after replacing each part. It was on subsequent attempts to use the oven that we were back at square 1 with the failures / issue. I'm mentioning this because there's a good chance, if get the 216 ohms on both coils, and move on to the next step - we might get proper readings as the oven might work on that attempt. We probably should make sure it's in a "failure to get to temp" cycle and then take the readings from the DSI board.

Thank you!
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