Model number old ge double wall oven?


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Jan 18, 2022
Model Number
Hi, im trying to get the thermostat and heating elements for my wall ovens but the plate is gone with the model info :-(. i had taken it down before and think it was (model c2501av / 910 /serial scd35293 / outside 25.5' square inside 21x15" element 236 volts 3000 watts wb44x126) but the repairman couldn't find it with that info. I'm enclosing a picture in case anyone knows what it is? id guess its from 1974 when the house was built. thanks :)

If the serial number started with 3-letters, the appliance was built before 1970.

Most older GE mechanical range thermostats (even those in the 1980's and 1990's) are discontinued and NLA. If you don't have the model number to look it up, someone will need to look at the numbers printed on the original part and try to trace those but there is a very good chance that will be a dead end.

You might save yourself some time and look for a replacement oven. The most critical measurement will be its 'cutout' size and not external dimensions. The closer you can find, the less cabinet modification will be needed to install a replacement.

Good luck!

Dan O.
thank you for the info dan. i know I'm grasping at straws trying to find the model :-(

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yup this is it. found some specs too but local repairman says model is nowhere to be found so he cant replace the thermostat or heating element :-(

JC2501 is a valid model number. It's parts list is dated May 1968. Serial number SCD35293 would indicate a manufacturing date of September of 1967.

JC2501 originally took bake element # WB44x126. Its replacement is linked below.

LINK > Current Replacement Bake Element

The original upper oven thermostat was # WB21X178 and is discontinued. The original lower oven thermostat was # WB21X177 and is discontinued. You can see the last available replacement for both of those parts at this link.

LINK > GE Oven Thermostat WB21X5209

There does look to be a used WB21X177 thermostat currently available here:

LINK > GE Oven Thermostat WB21X177

Dan O.
wow good sleuthing! thank you :) :cool:. i got the element working. a wire was disconnected :-(. the temps are still off though. temp light shuts off 50 degrees below setting on top oven and 75 degrees low on bottom oven. I'm guessing thermostat for that reason...
I don't knw if it is the case with theses ovens, but many of them a a temp adjustment screw on the knob. Loosen the screw, rotate by the differential and retighten screw.

This is a you tube video for doing it on a new oven.

Again don't know if it is applicable on your model but would be worth checking.

I have the same oven and the bottom element just burned out. There is a replacement on eBay that will fit but the wattage is specified as 2585 watts vs the 3950 shown in OP's image of the specs. So it would just have to stay on longer to reach the desired temp, right? Any other problems anyone can foresee?

BTW, I called GE and they have no record of this model. I even sent them a photo of the model number and serial number: GE Model J C2502DC, Serial V CD48870. Probably manufactured in 1968 as that's when the house was built. They still couldn't find any information.

I am also looking to replace the thermostats with PIDs.
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Generally a bake element will be 2400W to 3000W depending on oven size. A broil element will usually be 3000W to 3250W.

If you look on the original element it will usually have its rating printed right on it. That will either be on its mounting plate or pressed right into the element itself near the mourning plate.

bake element plate.jpg

GE Model J C2502DC, Serial V CD48870. Probably manufactured in 1968

BTW. The serial number indicates this unit was manufactured November of 1967.

Dan O.
Thanks, Dan. Unfortunately this oven is from the 60's and either didn't have it stamped in or the stamping has corroded away.
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