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FIXED MSC21C6MDM00 Refrigerator not working after power surge


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Dec 29, 2018
New Jersey
Model Number
1-5 years
I had a power surge at my home, afterwards my refrigerator was not working. I had to replace the evaporator fan motor and the main control board. The refrigerator I have has a water dispenser in the door and an ice maker. The solenoids are ok for the ice maker and the water dispenser, but now when I press the water dispenser the ice maker also fill up and over flows.

After I replaced the control board I was not getting 120vac to the main water solenoid valve, the voltage was stopping at a connection that went to the water and ice maker solenoid valves. There was a connection that had two wires going into it and one coming out and going over to the main water solenoid. There was heat shrink on the connection, I removed that and the main water solenoid valve got power and works properly.

Was there a diode in that heat shrink connection that stops the voltage from going to the ice machine solenoid when the door water dispenser is activated? Or is there a setting that needs to be changed in the new control board?