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FIXED MSD264RHEB Maytag Side by Side: no water, no ice

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Aug 1, 2022
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So this fridge is a family members and I was told it recently stopped making ice and that the water dispenser has not worked in a year. I troubleshoot it and this is what I found so far: Water supply from tubing to filter inlet good and good pressure. Solenoid assembly for Water/Ice was leaky at body and has been replaced. Water filter was 5 years old and replaced. Rubber guide that delivers water to ice maker was frozen up restricting flow when ice maker called for water which made the tubing pop off due to back pressure (Thawed, removed and cleaned the guide assy).

Water reservoir in fridge was full of water with no apparent cracks or leaks. Ran 50 PSI air into water reservoir inlet tube and water was pushed out at coupler under freezer door (tubing was disconnected for test purposes). I suspect the water filter head assembly as pressure going into the tubing from water supply is good, but filter outlet tubing that goes to solenoid assembly inlet has poor pressure and when activating the solenoids manually (with tubing on outlets disconnected),

I get a burst of water that slows to a trickle quickly. So since I can't really test the one week old filter by itself, do i just replace the filter head assembly or can it be disassembled and checked/cleaned or could the filter get messed up in a week from sediment and other crap in water supply?

Yes, the problem is usually the water filter housing--->You can verify that by using the bypass cap. When you bought the refrigerator it should of come with a blue water filter bypass cap, Put that bypass cap in and see if it works normal again.

Here's the water filter for your model:
Water Filter EDR4RXD1

Here's the water filter bypass cap for this model:

Here's the photo of it:

Here's the water filter housing for your model you can order:
Water Filter Housing WP67004106

There is a Video Included in part link that shows you how to replace it.

Let us know how it goes.

So you said the problem is usually the water filter housing (the part the mates up with the filter). So being that the filter itself is about $60, the housing another $50-$90 and the bypass cap for testing another $15-$30, I think it would make more sense (time-wise, $$-wise) to just retrofit the fridge with a universal filter on the outside and I can re-do the tubing. Ideally I would like to use 3/8" tubing and fittings as I have access to those in stainless steel at work. But I'm assuming the plastic tubing that is used on the fridge is 1/4"? So what's your opinion on this: amazon.com/EcoPure-EPINL30-Line-Refrigerator-Filter/dp/B01FG2VIRA']amazon.com/EcoPure-EPINL30-Line-Refrigerator-Filter/dp/B01FG2VIRA ?


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I always use 3/8" nylon water line tubing that connects to the water inlet valve and has the 1/4" compression fitting already on it.

Here's the one I prefer:
1/4 Inch Water Line Installation Kit 5304493869

All IN-LINE filters MUST GO BETWEEN the water supply line from your house, to the water inlet valve where it hooks up to in the back of the refrigerator.

Here's the in-line water filter kit that I use:
Water Filter 5304492441

Or you can get the longer life one at any hardware store:

I'm not familiar with that one at amazon, but it should work fine too.

So ended up getting some 1/4" tubing and 5/16" tubing and some fittings and reducing coupler as apparently they use two different sizes which I find stupid but I didn't design the fridge so... Purchased the EcoPure filter and re-tubed the fridge completely bypassing the overpriced water filter housing and water filter and routing the tubing to the external filter. This solved all the problems and water is dispensing good now and Ice production is back!


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Excellent, good job, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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