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Multiple Fridges Not Keeping Cool


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Nov 1, 2021
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This has been a 4+ month long ordeal, so I'll try to summarize.

1st fridge was very old (over 25 years). Stopped cooling and everything in the freezer melted overnight and the fridge was warm (it was hot summer time). Had to toss most things. Landlord came to adjust some things. No change. Decided to swap it.
2nd fridge was about 10 years old (secondhand). Seemed to work, but then after the first couple days... I noticed 1-3 times a day it’d heat up above 40F and stuff in the freezer would melt. Then over about 4 hours, it’d re-freeze. Some items would be totally ruined (waffles, ice cream, veggies, breaded chicken, etc.). Often the fridge would also heat up and get up to 55F or even more. It would take at least 4 hours to reach the minimum safe temp. Milk, fruit, etc. were spoiling fast. Sometimes it would also freeze some items. Had to replace 2-3 shopping trips again. Landlord replaced defrost timer, bimetal, thermostat. Seemed to help a little at first, but still the same problem…
3rd fridge - Brand new Amana ART316TFDW. Long story short, same issue. I could sometimes hear a repeated click noise which I THINK was the compressor struggling to come back on after the defrost cycle (or maybe just at all). A tech came out and felt there was a sealed system problem, either a leak or blockage in the line and said it was not worth repair as it was under warranty.
4th Fridge - Also Amana ART316TFDW. Same problem. First tried heating up the gasket as my landlord flipped the door. No change. New tech thought it may be a thermostat control issue and I am still waiting to hear back from him after a few weeks and he seems to have disappeared.

This one also sometimes spews out snow from the outlet that goes into the fridge from the freezer. The tech said try turning the freezer vent up to max and keep the fridge turned between 3 and 4 on the dial (out of 5, so a little over Recommended at 3). This will keep the freezer ranging between 5F and -10F when it stops running. BUT many times throughout the day, I'll look and it'll be up to 14F. During what I think is defrost, it's still going up to 40F (above freezing)... Water stays frozen (tried the penny trick) but fruit, breaded items, waffles, ice cream, etc. get mushy and ruined. The fridge seems to hold a decent temp for MOST of the time, but sometimes heats up to 48+F randomly and spoil any dairy or meat (so I don't keep it in there, or not more than I can afford to throw out) and there will be puddles of water/condensation. I can test liquids with a stick thermometer and they will be like 41-46F randomly every few days, but the rest of the time 34-35F which is fine... Sometimes it also freezes veggies though - no separate control for the produce. If I turn it down even a little, the freezer won't reach -18F ever at all.

I am borrowing a fridge in another apartment for now to hold some things. But can't live that way long term.

So... The reviews on this model are not great and there are some people complaining of refrigerant leaks and compressor problems in the first few years. But this is literally 2 brand new fridges, and 2 old fridges, all with the same apparent issue (the old one, I won't count, it may just be old). We tested the socket and it does read 120V as expected. I tried a socket tester and it didn't show any wiring problems. Hydro company checked the city lines and says they are good. But could it be an electrical issue somehow? It almost seems like it's not getting a steady flow of electricity and is either surging or getting a deficit.

This has gotten extremely expensive for me replacing food and having to order meals. I'm now in debt. I really just want to figure this out and have a fridge that is safe. Any ideas what I should try? Could it really be this many fridges with all the same problem?!


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Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
That is very odd, where is the Landlord Getting these Amana Refrigerators from?