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FIXED MVW565FW2 Agitator not working, but works on spin cycle


Sep 18, 2022
Boston MA
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello, I am writing this post to shout out Jake, who has replied to everyone and general help has allowed me to locate my problem. My 2 year old Maytag washer was not agitating on wash cycle. (droning motor noise and only clicking heard when in wash cycle) I propped lid and observed with screw driver in lid lock. it appeared to be stuck in spin cycle and was impossible to turn agitator just the entire drum was moving partially back and forth, removed agitator inspected for worn splines, stuck undies, dirt anything! but it all looked good.

Searched further on forums and found shift fork problems with this similar model (thanks Jake) decided before I ordered this piece just to "check it out" after reading in forums him mentioning to make sure you can manually "shift" the transmission. upon inspection my shift fork popped off the transmission linkage!! no idea what caused this, probably me and the mrs overfilling the dang thing. My advice to anyone experiencing problems described perform visual inspections! these forums are full of tons of useful information. Thank you Jake your the arbiter of information here!
Glad to hear that's all it was.(y)

Just make sure the plastic splutch cam is not starting to wear out and causing that to happen, you can see a good photo of it here:

Your Maytag model uses that exact same splutch as that Whirlpool does.

Here's the splutch cam kit for your model:
W10721967 Splutch Cam Kit


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