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MVW7232HW Maytag Washer Stuck in Sensing Mode


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Aug 17, 2022
Model Number
Less than 1 year
My Maytag washer is stuck in Sensing mode. It will lock the lid, then a LOUD click, spin, then stop, and repeat. After a minute or so, it will drain the tiny bit of water that went in, and says the cycle is complete.

I've tried resetting, by unplugging for one minute. Also read to turn the water off, unplug for a minute, then turn the water back on.

Unsure how to run diagnostics. But this washer just ran 2 or 3 loads, and then started doing this.
Its best to Contact Maytag at 1-800-344-1274 to come out while its still under the first year warranty.

One thing you can try first is to see if there is a over the air update per your Maytag APP and see if that resolves the problem.

Here's how:
The machine will need to be connected to WiFi and the correct brand app, Whirlpool or Maytag, to accept the Over the Air software update.
Download the Maytag app, click the following link(https://www.maytag.com/connected-appliances/connect.html)instructions on how to download the app and properly connect the machine to WiFi and the app.

Once the machine is paired to the app and connected to local WiFi, the owner of the product will receive a notification on their phone that a software update is available. Accept the software update.
After the update has completed, the machine will say “Success! Your product’s software is up to date” on the screen and the owner of the product will also be notified on their mobile device that the software update has been successfully
Any potential subsequent Over the Air Software updates will happen automatically when the machine is in standby mode.

I've tried connecting the washer to the app, it doesn't work. The app says "Once the washer has "This" screen up, click next" that screen never comes up on my washer.
Ok try again, if you can't get it to work Contact Maytag at 1-800-344-1274 to come out under warranty.

I got it hooked, and its all up to date. Still waiting for Maytag to get back to me about a warranty service. Of course they're trying to skate around it claiming they dont have people in my area that do service. These companies are ridiculous.
I have had one have this happen where it does what your saying followed by saying complete bad electronic controller. But as he said if its under warranty don't touch it or it will be voided.
I have had one have this happen where it does what your saying followed by saying complete bad electronic controller. But as he said if its under warranty don't touch it or it will be voided.
Thanks. I'm just keep going to contact Maytag until they do something about it I guess.
I lived in rural Western Arizona for 8 years, and I know what you mean.

I was on a service call in April 2021 in Quartzsite, Arizona(where Whirlpool doesn't have any authorized techs) 100 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona and the customer called me as My shop was just 25 miles away, and I came out on Whirlpool refrigerator in-warranty, and I had to order them a new ice maker, but the customer was the one that called Whirlpool and the ice maker came to their house, not mine.

If your outside Whirlpools authorized service area, What Whirlpool tells the customer to do is locate the nearest appliance repair shop and the customer pays that local shop for the service call and labor, then Whirlpool reimburses you. If a part needs to be ordered they send the part to your house, then you contact the local tech to come back and install it.

The customer gets a reference number and you get the part sent to your house for free.

Whirlpool owns Maytag, so it will be the same with your Maytag.

This sounds like so much fun.... 😡 Only if they actually reimbursed you. I can see them fighting it after the fact.
Oh, they do, my customers have confirmed they get a re-imbursement check.:)


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