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MVWB950YG1 Maytag Bravos XL Errors


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Dec 14, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a maytag bravos xl washer model MVWB950YG1. I really don't know whats going on with my washer. Problem has been started many weeks ago at this point. Whenever I run a cycle, I get an LD error (low drain?) and the cycle would stop. Sometimes, I instead get an F: 01 error code. The last time, I got this, I tried to clear it and got an Sd (or 5d, couldn't tell if it was an S or 5) error (maybe suds?) and the cycle stopped again. That time, the water just kept filling and filling until the whole tub was full of water.

I have taken my drum out and cleaned everything I could see. I took off my drain pump, cleaned it and gave it power to make sure it runs. Checked for loose connections on the control board and found nothing suspect. I tried running vinegar in the washer (not sure if I put enough). One time, I revisited my washer and blew a little air into the pressure hose after taking it off from the control board. This seemed to get me about 5 good clean cycles. But the problems seem to have come back, and blowing air in the hose won't work anymore. I couldn't find anywhere that this hose was crimped either. Diagnosing this washer feels like being in a circus. I appreciate any ideas or thoughts anyone may have.
LD is Long Drain. What I do is pull the drain hose up from the standpipe and watch how fast the water drains out, it should drain out very fast with lots of water pressure coming out the drain hose.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Is water siphoning out of the drain hose, when its filling?

Pressure Signal Out-of-Range
F then 1 flashes when the control detects an out of range pressure signal.

Check pressure hose connection from tub to machine/motor control. Is the pressure hose pinched or kinked?
If F then 1 repeats numerous times after POWER is pressed and the pressure hose connection is not pinched or kinked, replace the machine/motor control.

Here's the pressure hose for your model:
Hose WP353244

Here's the video that shows you how to access it all the way to the air dome nipple on the side of the outer tub assembly:



  • Tech Sheet - W10403990 - Rev B.pdf
    1.1 MB · Views: 56
Thanks for the Tech Sheet! After doing some more tests, I found that I can't activate the drain pump from the diagnostic menu most of the time. A few times I heard it kick on but it looks like most of the time it does not. The pump has a resistance of 16 ohms from the connector which is slightly out of ideal but not catastrophic. I can also activate the drain pump by directly applying power to the removed connector and used it to drain my tub. When it wasn't working I was also getting 0V on the board for the drain pump connectors.

So I think that unfortunately only leaves control board failure. I couldn't see any corrosion, broken traces, burns, or loose solder joints but there is probably some component that is semi-failed causing the drain pump not to activate most of the time. This would explain why after leaving it unplugged for a few weeks it worked fine for a week then didn't. Unfortunately, I cannot find the control board in stock anywhere at all. Other than try my luck with a junk washer's parts, I don't know if there is anything I can do to fix this. Y'all have any other thoughts or ideas of what I can do?
I can also activate the drain pump by directly applying power to the removed connector and used it to drain my tub. When it wasn't working I was also getting 0V on the board for the drain pump connectors.
Yes, that indicates the control board is the problem, you are correct, its been discontinued by the factory, here's the part number for it: W10761634

You maybe able to find a new or used one on ebay, but other than that its time to retire it.

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