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FIXED MVWC200XW0 Maytag washer wash cycle LOUD noises/wont spin


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Jul 11, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
MODEL- MVWC200XW0, Maytag washer:

Makes a loud 'grinding' noise with each movement of agitator while washing. Drains and fills fine. When unit switches to spin makes a LOUD buzzer/alarm type sound and won't spin. I tried separate rinse-spin and drain spin cycle with same results. Washed items sopping wet.

What could be possibly wrong; transmission, bearing, a hub, a belt?

Thanks for any info,
Hi Colton,

Look at this thread, is it doing the same as yours in this thread?

Here's the shift actuator for your model, if needed:
WPW10006355 Shift Actuator

OR--->It could be the splutch cam. Take the belt off and remove the transmission pulley and remove the plastic cams and see if the teeth are worn down there, If so order and replace that Splutch cam kit.

Here's the splutch cam kit for your model, if needed:
W10721967 Splutch Cam Kit

Video included in part link.

You can tilt the machine back to get underneath.
Attached video of noise during wash cycle. Couldnt catch 'buzzer' noise as it quit too fast... 3 articles of clothing on medium water level for added weight.


  • 20230422_090838.mp4
    34.5 MB
Sounds like possibly the splutch cam or your transmission drive pulley is rubbing on something.
Finally got the parts... splutch kit, and ordered the recommend belt as well. The belt part# W10006384 is considerably smaller than the belt on unit. Hesitant to install as concerned about undo stress on drive components. What's your experience with this?

It should be the same size belt Colton, but the old belt could have stretched a bit over the years.

Here's the belt for your model:
WPW10006384 Drive Belt
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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