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MVWC425BW0 Maytag washer stopping on spin


May 29, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a Maytag centennial commercial washing machine that keeps stopping on spin.it stops with the spin light lite up with the lid unlocked and the water drained .I can tell it didn't spin because the clothes are not spread out and they are soaking wet..i usually just run a rinse/spin cycle after it quits and it works.its throwing a long fill/no fill code and the service manual says if it stops with the spin light lite up that means long drain but the washer is draining .I put a pump on it last year.it says that if it's throwing long fill and long drain it may be the pressure sensor/transducer may be bad .my washer has the pressure sensor built in to the circuit board so I can't figure out a way to test it.i don't wanna throw a $200 + part at it If i ain't for sure on it.i tried manually running each cycle with help of the service manual and it all works.has anyone else had a similar problem and solution?
Does it seem to fill good with good water pressure?

Turn the HOT and COLD faucets OFF to the washer, then unscrew the fill hoses from the washer, then get a bucket and put your fill hoses in the bucket and turn them ON and see how fast the water comes out of the fill hoses.

If you have good water pressure then check your water inlet valve screens for sediment build-up.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model, if needed:
WPW10683603 Valve

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