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MVWC465HW2 Maytag making weird sound


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Feb 3, 2021
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1-5 years
Washer started making weird noise kind of a screeching and whinning sound during spin. Also if I turn just by hand you can hear a creeking sound. Any help with this please. I have uploaded several video. Wash is only 2 years old.

Sounds like possibly the transmission seal or bearing or hub has gone bad. You can remove the agitator and look at the transmission shaft to see if its rusted or corroded.

Here's the gearcase(transmission) for your model, if needed: W11454372

Here's the video:

Check your hub first though.

Here's the hub for your model:
W10528947 Hub

Here's a video to access/replace it:

--->Look at these photos below of the hub teeth grinded down to smooth. It should NOT be grinded down to smooth.

Let us know what you find.


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could it also be possible that a bad shaft seal is to blame? (no water leaks just the weird noises. I cant can find a part for just the seal. Do I have to buy a whole new transmission to get seal if it is attached???
Yes, it could be just the tub seal only, but it only comes with the new transmission, its not sold separately.
Ok so finally going to try to figure out what is going on. Noises have continued but washer still working. I am to start with easy stuff first. I pulled agitator first very dirt underneath but no corrosion everything looked good. Checked belt and belt appears good. I do have a question? What keeps belt tight around pulleys? I noticed no type of tensioner or anything that keeps belt from slipping?
What keeps belt tight around pulleys?
That's just how these machines are designed now. No idler pulley on these washers.

Here's the belt for your model: Belt W11239857

The belt should not slip, unless your transmission is leaking oil and getting on the drive pulley.

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