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MVWX500BW0 makes noise and does spin but cloths still wet


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Feb 1, 2023
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6-10 years
Please help. I have the MAYTAG MVWX500BW0 washer and I have these issues:

1.) Making noise when spinning (maybe bearing worn out?)
2.) When doing full or medium load it leaks water under the washer.
3.) In Normal mode after the cycle is done, the cloths are still wet, but it seems like pump is working but making lots of noise. I have to unplug the washer from power, wait 1-2 min then plug it back and put it on drain and spin mode and then the clothes are less wet after it finishes the cycle.

Spining Noise:

WaterPump Noise:

Can you please let me know which parts need to be replaced to solve these issues?

Thanks a lot,

Yes, the first video is the transmission(gearcase) bearing that is starting to wear out and make that noise when spinning.

Here's the gearcase(transmission) for your model: W11454372

The 2nd video does sound like your water pump, is the water pumping out the drain hose fast into your drain pipe?

What I do is pull the drain hose up from the standpipe and watch it flow out into the drain pipe, and make sure its draining out with full force. It should drain all the water out within 90 seconds.

Here's the drain pump for your model:
Drain Pump WPW10661045

RepairClinic ships to Canada: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Drain-Pump/WPW10661045/3554974

Ok, sounds good.:)
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