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MVWX655DW0 Maytag Washer Tub Extremally Loose - Need Help


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Nov 11, 2021
Denver, CO
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6-10 years
I have a Maytag Top Loading Washing Machine model MVWX655DW0. The tub when empty can be easily pushed to all (4) sides of the housing where the wear pads are located (and have now been mainly worn). When the unit is in spin cycle, the unit is extremally uncontrollable and needs to be stopped. I replaced the suspension springs and those did not help center the tub. I added (not original) tub centering springs and those also did not seem to help. The balance ring has fluid in it. I can freely spin the tub with my hand with little to no resistance via the agitator which makes me think it is not a bearing issue. When I spin the tub by hand (i.e. slow speed), there is a wobble in the tub that can be seen, when it spins faster it becomes extremely unbalanced. The washing machine is flat on the ground and there is still tread on the feet. There would have to be a decent amount of material collection in the tub to cause that kind of wobble so I'm not convinced there is a lb. of pennies between the agitator and tub. I'm not sure what else to look at or if this sounds like a whole tub replacement (by a paid technician). I imagine if that is the case, purchasing a new machine is probably breakeven but need advice. Thanks for helping me make this decision, look forward to your help.


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
They make a huge difference as you can see from many others, send the amazon ones back and get a full refund, then get the OEM rods/spring kit from AppliancePartsPros and it will work perfect.

Here's the OEM suspension rods springs kit assembly for your model you can order:
W11130362 Suspension spring kit

Let us know how it goes.