MVWX655DW1 I think I'll end buying a new one.


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Aug 23, 2022
Western NY
I think it's about 5 years old.
Over the last couple of weeks it became noticeable that borax I would add would not dissolve and the clothes would be wetter and wetter after wash cycles finished.
Assumed the pump or hoses were plugged. Opened the back, disconnected the hoses to the sink it dumps to, the hoses from the basket to the pump and looked inside the openings of pump.
All of that seemed fine.
Read through forums - a little. Watched it run and saw what looked like, the bottom washplate spinning fast but not the actual basket.
Seemed like the forums I saw on here made it sound like the gear hub thing.
Removed cap, and bolt.
Tried removing the washplate. Could not.
Tried the shoelace method.
Bolted a pulley to the ceiling, tied a rope~ and hung in the air along with the washer bouncing around.
would not budge. Washplate cracked. Hammer and chiseled the rest off. Ordered and received a new washplate.
Now, I see that the new washplate has a metal insert imbedded in it that is supposed to slide onto the shaft in the washer.
My old one, is still on the shaft. I am thinking that contaminants in my water have welded those two metal parts together.
I think it would be very difficult to separate them. Maybe, with a ring pulling tool or something.
I ran through the diag tonight and to me, the code seems to be F5.
Probably should have started with that first.
may have been, that it would spin and shake the machine such that it would think the lid wasn't closed.
So, I would be excited to read a variety of views on what to do now.
Dremmel off the spindle that is locked onto the main shaft?
Then, use the jack and 2x4 to pop the drum out to get whatever plastic chips have now fallen through?
Then reassemble and install my new washing plate and then, find that all of this was just because I have a bad lid lock?
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