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MVWX655DW1 Maytag Bravos Washer - new factory Suspension Rods won't fix shake


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Jun 5, 2022
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1-5 years
Hello. Have had a MVWX655DW1 Bravo for nearly five years now. Had the horrible spin cycle shake and after researching I realized the suspension rods on this model are the known culprit.

Bought the factory set (W11130362) from Appliance Parts Pros since I wanted to avoid some of the junk that appears on Amazon. Arrived in factory packaging and the self-installation went fine. But even after installing, I still notice that the entire basket will shake with the slightest push by hand. It will rock back and forth and not really show any resistance in any direction (and this is with the machine off and the lid up). The slightest load imbalance during a spin cycle will cause the machine to convulse and rattle until it either finds a balance point with the load...or not. The unit is level and the foot pegs show no real signs of wear or breaking...the frame/unit does not rock when off.

The design of this machine does not have any real attachment points for the wash basin beyond those four (4) suspension rods. I have scoured the online schematics and I don't see any other attachment points...the entire motor and transmission sort of float at the bottom. Is that correct? Previous repairs have been to the washing machine hub (another known issue) along with a new wash plate, and this was completed over two years ago. The agitator function continues to work well with no signs of slipping or grinding sounds.

I thought I read (from a different source) that the transmission could become a factor? But I'm scratching my head on how a washing machine that is otherwise cleaning the clothes just fine (again, all washing phases appear to be working properly) and has a suspended motor and transmission would create another source of imbalance (and these are sealed transmission units, too). I'm not aware that this machine has a fluid-filled dampener of any kind, though I have read that some machines which do have them can lose their liquid and this causes havoc.

I'm now at a loss as to what might be causing this? Appreciate any and all inputs, thanks!

-Dean in Florida
Hi Dean,

Its quite possibly you got bad set from AppliancePartsPros, this happened to another member too:

Just contact AppliancePartsPros and have them send another new set free for charge.

Here's the OEM suspension rod springs kit for your model:
W11130362 Suspension spring kit

Ok, Sounds good.

Jake, I just got off the phone with the kind folks at Appliance Parts Pros. They will be sending out another suspension rod kit (under warranty). The tech had me check for signs of water within the balance ring (which is integral to the top of the basket assembly and not a separate component/part). Moving the basket from side to side you can hear water slushing, and I was told that is the sign that it's still a good part. Apparently they can crack and when the water exits it creates an imbalance condition (probably works much the same as the damper on a car engine's crankshaft). The tech said it couldn't be anything else, as the hub is tight and the wash/agitation cycles work flawlessly.

I'll keep you posted as I receive the parts and get at it, again.
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Yes, that is true about the balance ring. It should have liquid in it at all times. Its not water per say in the balance ring, its a type of liquid that doesn't evaporate.:)

Yes, let us know how it goes when you get your new 2nd kit.

Installed the 2nd suspension kit and no real improvement. Is it possible for a balance ring to lose some of its fluid but not all of it?

I'll be bluntly honest, the suspension engineering on this particular clothes washer blows my mind (and not in a good way). Those rods are rather flimsy and thin and easy to bend. They have to be distorting some during any imbalance condition. I would anticipate that a more rigid design would do a profoundly better job of mitigating vibrations, accordingly.

Otherwise, I'm just going to let this POS beat the crap out of itself and also start researching a replacement. No way this lasts much longer.
Is it possible for a balance ring to lose some of its fluid but not all of it?
No, I have not seen that happen.

This is very strange, I've replaced many of these same suspension kits and never had this problem afterwards, so it sounds like something else is going on.

Its best to contact Maytag at 1-800-344-1274 and have a AUTHORIZED MAYTAG TECH come out, only they have the factory HOTLINE NUMBER if they have never seen this before either to get to the root cause.


Hi Jake,

I’m back, and this time with some short videos. I hope this works because while I’ve viewed a thousand YouTube videos, uploading content is new to me.

I will attempt to share four different takes on what is occurring. These videos were taken during an empty “clean washer with Afresh” mode selected.

Essentially what I’m attempting to show is the continued vibration that is occurring, all the while the agitation plate (and the driveshaft to the transmission) is tending to stay centered. The wobble of the basket is obviously magnified on the perimeter.

I hope this works (the entire post from my iPhone) and, more importantly, I hope it provides experts like yourself a better view of what is occurring, as an empty washer has no additional loads to contend with (and balance).
In those videos that's perfectly normal for spin in a empty tub.

So the whole unit vibrating and shaking like a cat in a rocking chair factory is normal, huh? Well then my original inclination was spot on…this machine from Maytag is a POS.
Yes Sir!

I own this same model Maytag and it does the same thing, and it does a great job of washing! Vibration does not hurt any machine, its the banging of the tub against the cabinet when its spinning that hurts the machine.

Hello Jake. I totally agree that this machine does a very good job in cleaning clothes.

I’m making one more attempt here to show you the vibration (and sound) that this is making while running a light load of clothing. Here are four very short videos. This first one is just as you approach the machine and you can definitely see it vibrating and making what sounds like steel on steel (a bearing?).

This second one shows a different view of the vibration (and sound) relative to the dryer (which is not on).

This third video shows the vibration of my hand as I add more weight to the machine to dampen it. Then I lift away and it gets louder and shakes even more.

This fourth one just shows there are clothes inside and it’s still rattling like a tin can and wanting to shake itself loose.

Before the suspension rods were replaced, the inner tub was banging against the right side and dislodged one of the black neoprene bumpers. I replaced it, accordingly.

I hope that these videos shed some more light on the amount of vibration and noise being experienced. Even with the fresh suspension rods this is what is happening.


I see those Dean, mine does the same as yours and I've had 2 of these Maytag's, one at my Arizona house that I just sold, and one at my Oregon house I just bought.

In fact my Maytag washer is brand new here in Oregon, as the previous owners took their Maytag washer and dryer with them, so I went to buy a brand new Maytag set for this Oregon house.

Okay. Well this one never shook like this when new. It has become gradually worse, and when you run heavier items like bath towels the shaking will physically move the machine.

Mental note: Remove Maytag from consideration as a replacement if they can’t make a machine that lasts at least five years on limited usage by two early retirees.

Again, appreciate your inputs!
Hey Guys just wondering if anyone found the solution for the MVWX655DW1 Bravos MCT violent shake? I replaced the suspension rods and still has the problem and no improvemen! Id tried to remove the wash plate but it doesn’t come out. It seems like it’s sealed there!! Running out of patience but I would like to figure out the issues!! Thank You in Advance
Hey Guys just wondering if anyone found the solution for the MVWX655DW1 Bravos MCT violent shake? I replaced the suspension rods and still has the problem and no improvemen! Id tried to remove the wash plate but it doesn’t come out. It seems like it’s sealed there!! Running out of patience but I would like to figure out the issues!! Thank You in Advance
Here's another thread about this problem:
I'd check your hub next.

Your model uses the exact same hub:
W10528947 Hub

If your having trouble getting the washplate off, read below.

Here's the washplate for your model:
W10902814 Washplate

Watch this video below, he uses 2 pull hook tools to get it off:

To remove the inner tub:
You will need a lot of force to pull it out, or have someone help you pull it out. OR use a jack and 20" 2x 4.

Watch this video below, he shows you how with a jack and 20" 2x 4.

The last resort is to break it off, unfortunately.


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