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MVWX655DW1 Maytag Bravos Washer - new factory Suspension Rods won't fix shake

Ok, sounds good.:)


As a courtesy to those that tried to assist me just over one year ago, here's a very recent update on what eventually was wrong.

Despite changing out the rods, the shaking persisted. And we lived with it for about ONE YEAR. It gradually got worse and then BAM!!!, the center agitator broke free and now turns without any resistance. So the transmission has to be shot and ultimately was the culprit all along.

Rather than throw more parts at this Maytag POS, I decided to go back to the SpeedQueen brand we had for so many years prior to this set. FWIW, the Maytag did last six years and required a few other service items along the way (one water solenoid for the detergent dispenser and one agitator ring with the locking mechanism below it). Their "Ten Year" warranty only covers the drive motor and tub, two items that are built like tanks. The rest of it? Well....

I'll be selling the still-good dryer on Craigslist and haven't decided whether to bother trying to get $50-100 for the good parts on the washer?

Again, thank you for the earlier guidance. Over and out!

I've been having these same issues with my Maytag Bravos MVWX655DW1. I originally replaced the upper suspension rod supports in the cabinet top. Seemed to work for about a year. Then, a couple unbalanced and large loads, the shaking/dancing across the floor started again.

I've inspected the suspension rods and do not seen any issues. The springs still have plenty of tension and don't make the tub bounce and I've added split collar clamps to the top of the dampening spring collars (see attached video)

I thought this had corrected the problem, after about 3 test washes, but, then with 3+ large towels it started again.

The one odd thing that I've noticed is that it always happens in the transition from WASH to RINSE, right after the clutch goes CLUNK in the switch over. I can pause the washer when it starts jumping, wait on tub to quit spinning and the lid to unlock, and then un-pause and it will complete entirely with no issues.

Any time I just put it into RINSE & SPIN no problems, or, if I put it into DRAIN & SPIN no problems.

I've even tried reset of the washer or re-calibrate ......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3VE66YIWss

I've checked the tub drive hub and it is ok, splines are all fine and it spins fine.

I just can't figure out why it's always having out of balance issue only during transition from WASH to RINSE !!!

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