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NDG2335AWW Amana Dryer "Noise"


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Dec 16, 2019
Cedar Lake, IN
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More than 10 years
So I have been troubleshooting this "noise" on my Amana dryer, videos included. It is a buzzing sound, typically starts at the "normal dry" mode and occasionally the cool down mode. I changed the coils, no difference, I then had the machine disassembled but to the point where I could run it, and while the machine was still warm I thought the sound was coming from by the motor. So I bought and replaced the motor. Still made the noise, the rollers seem fine, the tension pulley in the back is fine. I cleaned it out and vacuumed all the lint. I didn't see anything vibrating. After changing the coils, I watched for it to "make fire" and it did, without the buzzing. The recent observation is that when the "buzz" starts, sometimes cycling the dial around a few times (as seen in the video) makes it go away. The clothes get hot and dry, don't seem to be taking an abnormal amount of time. The blower is intact nothing stuck or missing. And it seems to occur mostly as the machine is warm. I refuse to accept the fact that it's disposable, and after buying a new motor, I'm kinda like might as well keep troubleshooting. I have a repair guy I use, but after having to drop $800+ on a new water heater this weekend, I'd like to hear the thoughts of the internet.


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Hi there, so I have looked at each of those parts, none of them are making that noise. I have literally disassembled the machine after it has been hot to see if I can isolate the sound, and cannot. And as I showed in my video it seems to stop when I adjust the dial, almost all the time, not 100% but most. And then it has come back. The only thing I would wonder is if the roller has a bad bearing under heat? But still, it has instantly stopped by switching the dial.
Yes, this doesn't make any sense whatsoever, just having it on heat should not make that noise, I'm puzzled too, you'll likely need to have a tech. come out and see whats going on.

I've replaced 50-100 of those rollers, idler pulleys, glide pads, and blower wheels in the last 32 years and it's always fixed the noise issue for me.

It sounds like its more of a scraping sound. Did you check the glide pads on the front bulkhead?

So we've come down to this per my tech, it's coming from Hawaii, I'm too much $$$ in to not replace it. And they gave it to me at wholesale....

Wait, you don't need that.

The last 2 videos shows the motor running all by itself and the gas flame going on for a second then shutting off, do you know why its doing that? Because you need proper air flow through the dryer for that gas flame to stay on, and with your dryer all apart it will ALWAYS do that.

That noise is your motor and blower wheel running.

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