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NE58H9970WS Samsung convection oven fans making loud noises


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Dec 10, 2022
West Virginia
Model Number
6-10 years
My Samsung convection oven has two separate ovens inside, separated by a divider. We had the oven operating without the divider and recently, the fan or fans started making a noise when heating up but then they stopped. Now it makes a noise all the time. I tried to work out what was happening by watching the two fans through the window in the door. Using one large oven, only one fan, the bottom one, spins. With the divider in place, the top oven heats up without noise, but the fan doesn't spin. The lower oven heats up, the fan spins and there is noise as it heats.

I suspect that the top fan is broken and needs to be replaced. The lower fan probably needs to be replaced, unless one of the blades is hitting the frame. I understand that it is not a good idea to operate the oven without the fans in operation.

Is this logic right - is there another fan somewhere that operates as well that might be the issue?
is there another fan somewhere that operates as well that might be the issue?

Yes, there appears to be a cooling fan in or for the control panel in addition to a convection fan for each oven.

LINK > NE58H9970WS Cooling Fan Asm.

LINK > Upper Convection Motor Asm.

LINK > Lower Convection Motor Asm.

Motor bearings can wear with use and age and allow the shaft to move out of place, creating sounds. One or more of the motors might be responsible and need to be replaced.

Dan O.
Thanks for this. I did take off the covers from the two fans in the oven. The bottom one (which I think is noisy) spins freely by hand, but can be moved backwards and forwards and with certain hand spins, makes a groaning noise, so I suspect the bearings on that one. The upper one is relatively stiff to turn and I have not seen this spinning when the oven is heating up. Should this one come on as soon as you start to heat the oven? The third one, the cooling fan, comes on later I believe, to cool the oven and electronics if they get too hot. I think it also cools the induction top as well. I haven't heard any noise from that one.

Am I right in these assumptions? That would suggest I need to replace the two convection motors.

That would suggest I need to replace the two convection motors.

The one with end-play, very likely yes. The tight motor quite possibly as well, especially if it isn't running when it should.

I haven't heard any noise from [the cooling fan].


Dan O.

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