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NE595R0ABSR/AA Samsung Range - Dual Burner Stays Hot


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Apr 26, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a Samsung NE595R0ABSR/AA range. The front left dual burner inside burner went out. I ordered a replacement from Samsung and installed it. Temperature adjustments would not work. The burner stays max hot no matter what setting the infinite switch is set at. I ordered a replacement infinite switch from Samsung. The problem still occurs. At this point I don't know what else manages the temperature. Any help would be appreciated.
Here's the front left dual burner for your model--->Heater-Radiant Dual;ftq* DG47-00043B

Sounds like you may have a short in that burner, that's basically all it can be, nothing else controls it except the infinite switch.
Yes, thank you. It's a brand new burner ordered directly from Samsung. I'm not an electrician, so I will have to figure out how to test for a short.
Yes, sometimes parts can come defective or damaged no matter where you get them.

You can disconnect power to the range and remove that burner and look at all the coils to see if something looks odd and is shorting in those coils.

Here's a video that shows how to ohm test these burners in general:

Thanks. I found this video. I think the limiter might not be functioning properly (going open when cooling). It's obvious I have continuity to the heating circuits since the burners are heating up. They just don't shut down when the relay clicks in the infinite switch (when setting the temp at lower settings). It just stays at the max temp no matter what I set the infinite switch to.
I think the limiter might not be functioning properly (going open when cooling).
Yes, the limiter comes with the new surface burner element. So its defective, contact Samsung parts and they should be able to send you another new one for free.

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