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FIXED NED4600YQ1 Amana dryer wont turn on


Appliance Tech
Apr 10, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
amana dryer wont turn on, dryer is getting proper voltage, thermal fuse checked ok, door switch checked ok, start switch checked ok, timer switches C-B are closed at any timer cycle except for end of cycle as is supposed to, no broken wires of burned wire harnesses. kind of lost here, any help greatly appreciated .
Very interesting, you may have a bad neutral then, that happen to me a couple years ago as well.

I'll see what Rick thinks.

wiring issue at electrical panel.
What was read as good voltage was nothing more than ghost voltage.
Updated multimeter to klein cl700 with loz function to prevent ghost volt reading
Interesting, that happened again to me 2 weeks ago.

With the new klein cl700 did it STILL show 240 volts across the two 120 legs?

Or did it show no voltage from NEUTRAL to either HOT leg?

I'm going to need to upgrade to a Low Impedance (LoZ) meter as well now for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages, it's starting to become to common here in area as well. I never saw this happen in Oregon as a tech there.

Thanks for the update!

Didnt have the cl700 at that time yet. But using the old meter fieldpiece s240.
Dryer connected to outlet, when the start button was pushed, the voltage jumped to junk, something in the rage of the 40 - 50 vac.
Advise customer to call and electrician and collected the service call fee for my time.
Interesting, thanks for letting me know that, that's been driving me crazy of why it shows 240 and the dryer won't start and all the parts ohm test good.

Now I know to keep my meter on the two hot legs and have the customer press start and see if my meter goes to 40 or 50 volts.

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