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NED4655EW1 Amana Dryer won't start - timer bad?

Fake Repairnewb

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Sep 14, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years

Won't start. Has correct voltage across legs. Start switch tests good. Fuse good. Door switch makes loud click (did not test). The only thing that came back weird is that in one of the positions of the timer I was not getting continuity across any of the terminals(according to the diagram), but the rest of the positions were all good. Does this mean the whole timer is bad?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Set the timer on timed dry about 40 minutes. Unplug the machine and check if the following contacts are closed; T-F, C-A, and C-B. Check the door switch.
UPDATE: Didn't have timer plugged in back doh!...timer is working. Will proceed with advice given by Mr.Rick later this afternoon.
Here's the part you need:
Just checked power again - I'm not getting the 240 at the dryer terminal. 43V on the black/white...120 on white/red.

EDIT: just checked again and I'm getting 120/120/240. I'm really lost here.
More data: checked white and black legs back to reading 40 volts instead of 120, and when I press the start button on the dryer it drops to zero.
Did you get the correct timer? Did you get it from the part link in post #7? You might have it miswired. Check your wiring on the timer.
I'm not getting the 240 at the dryer terminal.
What terminal?? Do you mean element???
43V on the black/white...120 on white/red.
Black white what? wires? On what? Spell it out dude!
Ha!...I was measuring voltage where the power cord connects at the dryer.

Timer is exact part installed great. I think it's a voltage issue, I"m going to inspect my breaker box later.
Where are you measuring the voltage, at the outlet or where the power cord connects to the machine?
More data: disconnected cord from dryer, plugged in and got 120V + 120V = 240V +/-
So not chord.
Hooked back up to dryer and hot/ground (black/white) measure 50V. Ground/red = 120V

What would be going on that when the previous 120V black/white drops down to 50V once connected to dryer?
More data: disconnected harness with the black wire that plugs into the timer, tested voltage at dryer terminals and was getting 120/120! Plugged back into timer and got 120/120 but wont start NOOOOOOOOO....Fake Repairnewb is done for the evening LOL.
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