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FIXED NED4655EW1 Amana Dryer wont start


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Mar 26, 2022
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1-5 years
I have 240 and 120 on both legs. I have checked door switch, thermoswitch by motor and 2 on heater. All OK. The timer works. Only think left I can think of is high limit resettable but not sure how to check that one? It measure about 7 ohms across the purples.


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That is the cycling thermostat with the 2 purple wires, that being bad wouldn't cause it to NOT start. Only the white thermal fuse above the cycling thermostat being bad would cause it NOT to start.

So since you've checked everything and it won't start you may have a bad neutral.

When the neutral is bad you get what's called Ghost Voltage, meaning all the voltage readings are perfect, but when you start the machine, they go to 0 volts, that's why your dryer shuts off when you press the start button.

Look here:

Wait, I forgot another part that would cause it to NOT start, which is the Push-to-start switch. Unplug your dryer and ohm test it for continuity with the button on it pushed in.

Here's the Push-to-Start switch for your model:
Switch-Pts WPW10420741

I am having power issues. A friend looked at yesterday. When stove on I am getting voltage on my water lines. All the voltages checked out in panel. Had had me run a temp line to stove. No change. Also ran it to dryer. It came on for couple seconds and breaker tripped in living room and something smelled. Ran tester in outlets and says wires reversed in one outlet. When tried to plug something back in it sparks. I have a guy coming today. Hopefully it the outlet. This has been crazy.
Ok yes, sounds like a electrical problem to the dryer then.

Thanks for the update!

Repaired 120v outlet and ran earth ground to panel. Went to start dryer and just heard humming noise. Flipped breaker off and on and working now.
Excellent Brian, glad to hear your back in business.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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