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NED7200TW Amana stacked dryers belt snapped, how to fix?


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May 4, 2017
Model Number
I have a pain of a stacked washer dryer combo in a super tight closet. I have had to repair the washer many times but as of today the dryer stopped spinning.
I disconnected the dryer and turned it around and opened the vent panel at the base and saw that the belt has popped and it needs replacing.
I also removed the top panel but then realized to loop the belt over the drum means I need to open one end of the drum.
Whats the simplest way to loop the belt over the drum, remove the front panel or back panel? Or is there a better way altogether? Never dealt with this before.

Remove Power to the machine first! Then Remove the console screws then open the dryer door and grab the center bottom of the console and pull out and up. Remove the two screws, one on each side of the front panel at the top. Lean the top of the front panel forward and lift up and off. Disconnect the door switch wires and set the front panel out of the way. Remove the four screws in the front shroud and lift off.

I posted the service manual in post#5 here: NED7200TW Amana Dryer. Heard a "thump" when starting dryer, now drum isn't spinning at all

It will show and tell you how to remove the drum, and it will also show you how to replace the belt.

Here's the belt for your model:

Jake this is greatly appreciated!!!
I started this morning looking for a belt replacement

Then i called a local appliance parts shop and gave them the model number and they sold me a whirlpool belt numbered WP33002535.
They looked at pics I had on my phone of where I was with the disassembling like this one


and said:
I might needed to finish removing the console so I could slide up (I did do this but probably could have avoided it)
take out the 6 screws that keep the front bulkhead mounted
grab it up like you said Jake, and remove it since it hangs in place
remove the drum
Then clean it out while you are there with a shop vac

I did this and like you said I removed the shroud and cleaned it all out
checked the pulley to make sure it didnt have any cracks or splits
made sure the roller on the pulley would spin even sprayed a little WD-40 on the pin that the wheel rolls on--not the wheel itself
Put the drum back in
Then slipped the belt on over the drum and got it in place with the pulley tensioned
Put it all back together and just got it back together and running when I saw your post.

I am saving those pdfs you posted just in case this dryer acts up again.
Its been running without issue since 2009.
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That's odd,

I checked both of our part sites and it says your model number uses this OEM belt: WPW10205415

If the belt keeps coming off, then you know you will need the OEM belt.

Ok, sounds good.

Links for disassembly

I have to replace the belt on my amana NED7200TW and I was trying to access the links you posted but I can't find them. Can you share them with me? Thanks in advance!

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