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FIXED NED7200TW won t start


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Nov 19, 2006
Model Number
Dryer control lights up and seems to function normally. Slight click when pressing start but dryer does not spin. Panel seems like it is drying and pauses of you open door. All settings appear normal.
Ok, belt cut-off switch open because belt is broken. Anything common to look for that caused belt to fail?
Thanks bigbuck!

ljnett: Good find on your broken belt.

Check the idler pulley where the belt rides on to make sure it turns freely both ways. Also check your drum rollers to make sure they turn freely both ways too, and that they are not starting to wobble and wear out.

If the idler pulley and drum rollers are fine, then the belt just wore out.

Here's the belt for your model you can order:
Drive Belt WPW10205415

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Parts for NED7200TW10: Cabinet Parts


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