Need a new dryer


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Jul 16, 2012
upstate ny
I need a new gas dryer. my washer and dryer are installed together in a closet. The vent coming out of the wall is on the right side(about 2 inches from the side wall). The new dryer i want is deeper than the current one. i wanted to use the dryerbox solution. But after cutting a hole in the sheetrock to peek around, i encountered vent pipes, water pipes and no room for the dryer box. Any ideas. if i could find a dryer that vented out the back on the right, that would be great. i currently have one of those periscopes, but they need to be cleaned out regularly. a side vented dryer "may" work. But the side venting kits i found dont work on the right side of GAS dryers. any ideas would be great.