Need a used circuit board - Kitchen-Aid can't supply!!!


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Sep 11, 2019
So my less than 6 year old Kitchen-Aid KDTE704DSS0 dishwasher needs a new circuit board. I know this because of troubleshooting on anther thread and I also had a repairman out to confirm it. Trouble is after ordering a few new ones and sending them back I noticed that they're not the same board. The new one is missing a capacitor and also has a different chip setup as per pic. So I let Whirlpool know this and they said their engineering department is "looking into it" and offered me a 15% discount on a new Kitchen-Aid dishwasher. Like I'll ever buy another Whirlpool appliance after this. After a couple more phone to them and saying that the only fair deal is to give me a new one for the price of the part that they can't supply, about $325 on their website, they went to 25% then 30% but still not good enough. I have a deal worked out on new Meile if I need to, just don't want to spend $1200 and then my luck they'll correct the issue a couple weeks after. Whirlpool keeps saying, "well for a dishwasher this old, that's a good deal". Ha, the thing was barely over the 5 year warranty of the part. So I'm down to needing to find an original circuit board from a salvaged unit, does anyone know a site where I can order one? The original part number for the control board kit is W10538041 and the "replacement" the doesn't work is W10866116. I can't be only one with this issue, anyone else come across this yet? Thanks for any help.