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Need help choosing a 12,000BTU window ac unit


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Jul 27, 2022
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so im moving into a 400 squared foot studio apartment here in tucson arizona that has no central ac. the leasing manager is letting me put an ac unit into the window but this place only has casement windows. maintenance measured the window and said the width is around 22 and a half inches i need a 12,000BTU unit that can fit into a 22 inch window what do you suggest? havent bought a unit yet thats why no model number is listed

We use a 14,000 btu portable a/c in our apt. Does a good job.

Maybe a 12,000 or 14,000 portable a/c would work for you as you only need to install the exhaust hose into the window.

ABT air conditioners.

jeff sr.
@jeff1 portable ac units might work well for cooling a small bedroom but for a whole studio apt it wont cool as well as a window unit
Sometimes yes....but the installation into certain windows is much easier than a window a/c.
I am glad ours does our living room, kitchen and dining room areas no problem.

jeff sr.
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