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Neptune MCG8000AWW Bypass

Bob R.

Oct 5, 2018
Oxnard, CA
Model Number
I have dual cabinet gas dryer that works in diagnostic mode and shows error code of stuck button. Can't tell which button(s) because all lights don't go out on button test. I suspect Start button, but not sure.
1. How to determine if or which buttons are stuck, especially Start button.
2. Assuming Start button, how to repair dome button. Alternatively, how and where to tie in a momentary bypass switch to replace Start button.
New membrane switch panels aren't available and used ones are problematic and at several hundred dollars, not worth the expense to repair versus replace the dryer.
Maytag Dryer MCG8000AWW Repair Parts

There are some requests that are too time consuming to answer and impossible to answer without the appropriate technical literature. This is one of them. Most likely it's your start button since it's the only button that gets used every time you run the dryer. You would need to find the matrix chart for your touchpad so you can ohm out each button. Find the shorted one then disable it by surgically cutting the appropriate land(s) or scratching through the carbon part of the land at the plug in the ribbon cable then soldering a remote switch via long wires to the proper pins on the circuit board.

I've done it on a dishwasher many years ago. It was no fun.

Take your chances on a used one since a new one is no longer available. Currently one is selling with a 60 day return policy on a website that shall go unnamed here ;)
Here is your service manual good luck.If you find whats wrong please update us.


  • Service Manual - 16022785.pdf
    7.9 MB · Views: 418
  • Tech Sheet - 16023137.pdf
    1.3 MB · Views: 269

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