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Neptune MLG2000AWW Stack Washer & Dryer - Washer not starting


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Aug 7, 2020
Mid Michigan
Model Number
More than 10 years
I have a older Neptune Stack that the washer portion has stopped working. Ran a load last night and it finished normally. Put the load in the dryer and the dryer started just fine and is drying the clothes.

Put a load in the washer and hit the start button and nothing. Usually the ON light will glow red and the washer will begin to fill. Opened the door and held in the door switch and the washer will fill with water but the red ON light will not remain lit and once I let go of the door switch the machine will stop.

Any thoughts - Thanks
According to the service manual it appears the machine control board is bad. The machine control board closes a internal switch to energize the line relay. Can anyone confirm that is is the part I should replace?

Then in the service manual I posted above WASHER TROUBLESHOOTING starts at page 3-1.

Then look at the flowchart on page 3-11--->WASHER DOES NOT START

Well - got home and started to test and the washer started to work. Red light stays on and washer fills. When it wasn't working I could hear a relay click on the control board. I will run it and if it stops again I will jumper out the door switch and see if it will run - thanks for the help

I will update after this weekend.
Unit stopped again. Pulled door switch and it is fine. The click I hear is coming from the control board under the washer not the one above the dryer. The red light flickers and that is it. Any thoughts?
The saga continues....... Put the timer on Spin and it starts right up. If I move it to rinse it works, If I put it Between Heavy and Light where I usually start it -- it will not work.???????
Ok, then it has to be that main control board.

Put the machine back together on Saturday and it has been working fine ever since. :rolleyes: Obviously if it fails again I will do some more troubleshooting - thanks
Let's hope it doesn't fail again. 🤞

Well, the washer worked fine for the last year or so. Last night tried to start the washer and I could hear a click and the washer would not start, just a faint click on the board. Exactly the symptoms I had a year ago - described above. I unplugged the unit and it is working, though 1 time it started, beeped a few times but since then it is working. Should I just put a main control board in it or at least have one on hand? Thanks

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