Jul 11, 2019
I have a French door style, with bottom freezer Samsung refrigerator. My ice maker once again has froze up and won’t produce Ice. Ive had it fixed 3 different times since owning this fridge. It’s only a few years old. My ice bin gets so frozen that I cut my finger pretty bad the last time I had to forcefully pull it out. 3 times we’ve had technicians out to fix it. Each time they tell us everything is fixed and won’t happen again. I’ve tried all solutions I could find online. This is absolutely ridiculous for this many issues. I love Samsung , but after the issues I’ve had I will never buy another Samsung product again. Absolute nightmare customer service, and they have the nerve to charge us for service. There is absolutely no reason why my 3 year old fridge should be breaking this this much. I’m ready to get rid of this thing and move on which is sad. I loved this fridge and the price wasn’t cheap. Disappointing Samsung. It’s a shame you produce such terrible product that we all spend hard earned money on.
Did you do your homework before purchasing the machine 3 years ago? 2014 two class action lawsuits filed against Samsung. One for faulty ice makers and one for top load washers. 2017 another class action suit filed against Samsung for faulty ice makers. On consumer reports 52 people rated Samsung refrigerators. One person gave it 5 stars. One person gave it 4 stars. 49 people gave it 1 star
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