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New GE PHP9030DJBB installation question


Apr 5, 2020
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Seems like this question has been asked in many other forums but I am still a little bit confused. I am replacing another 30 inch appliance with this 30 inch GE induction cooktop. I understand the premise of the cut out not being too large as the new cooktop would either not fit properly or would not be supported. My question I guess is how large is too large without needing a trim kit? If the cut out size is a little larger than needed but all the edges are still covered by the new cooktop does It really matter and does it actually need a trim kit then? Or would a trim kit only be necessary if the hole could actually not be filled?

specifics: current cutout about 20 3/8 by 29 1/16. New GE cutout reds are 19 5/8 by 28 1/2 so .75 inches too big on depth and .56 inches too big on width. My thought and hope is that these differences are so small that I do not need a trim kit and will be fine but wanted to check peoples opinions here? All other dimensions and surrounding granite around the cooktop are adequate. The new GE product is backed by GE is guarantee fit which I really don’t understand unless they are actually answering my questions saying that most 30 inch appliances require a cut out that is close enough for this new product will fit fine.

thanks so much. Happy to clarify more . I am purchasing a new home with us which will make so unfortunately I can’t actually make more measurements till I move but I am a planner!