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New Maytag MVW6500MBK0 goes direct from "Sense" to draining and "Done"


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Apr 15, 2019
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Less than 1 year
We have a brand new Maytag washer MVW6500MBK0 top load PetPro washing machine. It has been in the basement about a week and in attempted use about 1 day.

The water lines are generic new stainless steel lines obtained at an appliance parts store about 3 months ago, recently installed by a plumber and used for about 2 weeks on the old washer. I wrapped 1-2 rounds of teflon tape around the machine inlets putting the hoses on. I did not do anything with the hoses at the facuets on the wall, figuring the work the plumber did there 2 weeks ago was ok.

The Maytag provided drain hose was too short, I am using an 8' universal Everbuilt drain hose from Home Depot. (Access to the machine is crowded on the right by a water heater and on the left by the dryer, so I have to be able to move it out some to access the back. I could shorten the hose a little, but I figure I need around 7 feet of it. )

My wife put 5-6 towels in the bottom of the machine, added some detergent-not sure about bleach. Turned machine on, did some temp and rinse setting on the panel, closed the lid and pressed start. Sense light comes on, tub jerks a few times, then drain motor fires up, then done light comes on.

I don't know if there is supposed to be a light on the panel for lid lock, when I tried this again a few times, I never saw any lights near the lid lock icon on the console. I never heard a click like a lid lock might make. If I use the soak water button inside the machine, I can run some water into the tub. The Sense, Drain, Done sequence seems to eject that water ok. Just no washing actions prior to draining the water.

Our last laundry equipment was a DE412 and an LAT8640. I was at the very edge of my knowledge and mechanical skills with those. I do not understand electronics at all and this machine is a total mystery to me.

I see things online about resetting and recalibrating Maytag washers. Are there steps I can do, to do that with this machine? (Goal there would be to eliminate the possibility that we have done something wrong in trying to use the machine for the first time and that some type of repair is truly needed.)

I also see discussions about lid switches causing trouble. Is it possible a brand new machine could have shipped with a bad lid switch?

Thank you.
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I also see discussions about lid switches causing trouble. Is it possible a brand new machine could have shipped with a bad lid switch?
Yes, that is quite possible.

You have a 1 yr. full warranty on this Maytag. You can contact Maytag at 1-800-344-1274 for the warranty work.

Let us know what that find, if you could please, this is a brand new design model that I have not even seen yet on any of my service calls.
With your comment above, would this then be a new console design and light pattern arrangement that would not match to any earlier models for which a tech sheet might be available for the analysis code light patterns?


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Yes, that is a brand new console design and light pattern arrangement that will not match to any earlier models.
Ok, thanks. My wife has started the process of wading through Lowe's' and Maytag's CSR's to get a service call scheduled. I guess we are just in wait mode, like in the hospital for surgery. :) Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for clothes washing access. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions.
Ok, glad to help, yes I hope it doesn't take too long.
This situation really sucks-gone from bad to worse.

Looking for another piece of info.

Does the site have a Maytag/Whirlpool manufacture date information table posted somewhere?

When you guys do service calls on new washers or dryers where the customer has purchased a new pair, what kind of Manufacture Date range do you see between the manufacture date of the Washer and the manufacture date of the Dryer?

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