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New Maytag washer "feet" options?


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Jul 11, 2023
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We bit the bullet... After a few days of trying (unsuccessfully) to get the tub out of our old washer, we purchased a new Maytag washer. The present "feet" set at their lowest setting add about 1" to the height. We have cabinets above the washer so we need to minimize the height of the new washer...
Maytag has plastic feet (not traditional metal screw feet)

Right now, I plan to remove the feet but am concerned about vibration noise... Does anyone know of any options to replace these feet that are less high?

A couple of things that come to mind are:

Furniture cup pads, sometimes called Furniture Sliders. They look like coasters & are about 1/4" tall. If you remove the feet, they can go in the corners. I did this on a freezer and they stayed in place because the rim of the disc is soft rubber. They are made to make things slide easily, but if your floor is a basement (concrete) the machine won't walk. They provide some cushioning for noise.

Maybe a vibration eliminator pad is thin enough. Search Vibrasorb for one brand. Or, perhaps simply glue some rubber squares to the place where the legs were. RubberCal has all kinds of choices. Their Elephant Bark is super tough. Or maybe a simple rubber mat.

If the holes are threaded:
Elevator Bolts are bolts with a very thin head. Maybe one can go in the hole where the feet were.

Enjoy Your New Machine!


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Thank you! This is the feedback I am looking for... We don't have the washer yet, when we get it, I can take a closer look to see what my options are. It would be nice if Elevator bolts fit, but I think they've 'cost reduced' it so those no longer fit.... We have a tile floor, so I don't want to put it on the floor directly. I'm also concerned about if I need to slide this out to work on it, I want the feet to stay on and the washer not scratch the floor.
From the rear foot in your photo, it looks like you can reach inside the cabinet in order to put on a nut (with fender washer if needed) while installing an elevator bolt.

But, since your floor is tile, the machine may walk around (and scratch tile) unless you put padding under the elevator bolt heads. Maybe rubber pads glued on with 2-Way VHB tape. (VHB tape is super strong. It's what the glass in modern skyscrapers is attached with. No screws- just VHB) Orange rubber gasket material works & lasts for pads. I've seen it at Orange Depot in the plumbing aisle as an 8" x 8" sheet for about a dollar.

Washing machines are pesky when it comes to moving them. You need the feet to hold well enough not to let the machine walk, but you still need to be able to slide the machine out for service- And not scratch the tile. My refrigerator has two permanent furniture sliders under the back feet & nothing under the front feet so it doesn't move when the door is slammed. To move, it tilt it back & slide cardboard under the front feet, then pull.

Also from the rear foot in your photo, it looks like there is a threaded insert into which the foot screws. Elevator bolts come in all machine screw & bolts sizes. SAE & metric.

Skipping the furniture sliders is probably wise because they do slide easily on tile- until they hit a grout line.
Forget all the over complicated things I've written. Here's a simplified method that fell into my mind when I turned my brain off:

Maybe use some Shower Pan Liner from the home center. It's a PVC sheet that is 5 feet wide and is sold by the foot. Last time I bought it, it was about $4.00 linear foot. Cut it to match the base of the machine & remove the machine's feet.

It will positively protect the floor tiles and, when sliding the machine out & in, it will make the machine climb over the grout lines without getting stuck. You can, if space allows, walk the machine in & out with a side-to-side motion, leaving the liner behind.

The machine's weight will cause it to sink in a bit, thus prevent walking when a load is unbalanced.

The initial installation will be a bit cumbersome. For heavy machines at work, I used to cut it longer & lay it in place. Then I could stand on the excess while pushing the machine in place. I'd slice off the extra.

Maybe that's an easy solution. Cheap, too.

PS: My pesky Brovos washing machine has to come for repair again out as soon as parts arrive. I think I'll test the liner this time.
Thanks Paul... Since I'm getting rid of the old one, I removed the feet off that one (elevator bolts) just in case I can use them on the new machine. I have a very thick area rug (~5'x3' that is rubber infused) that I may set it on if I remove the feet.

(My dad would be proud... I removed the motor, clutch assy, and pump from the old one before they take it away... 99.9% chance I will never use them and throw them out after a couple years.... but that makes paying to have it hauled off sting less... :) )
(My dad would be proud... I removed the motor, clutch assy, and pump from the old one before they take it away... 99.9% chance I will never use them and throw them out after a couple years.... but that makes paying to have it hauled off sting less... :) )

Sell the parts on Bonanza or eBay?
I hate to see you have to see you pay to haul away the old machine. Buying a new one is "sting" enough!

Some utilities pay for old appliances as some kind of incentive. This might be worth looking into. Our electric company is paying $30.00 & they pick it up.

Also, my guess is that if you put it out the day before trash day, a scrapper will grab it & either sell it to a used appliance store or to the scrap metal buyer.

Will your municipal recycling take it?

PS: I like your rug idea!
I will look into other options to get rid of it. Hadn't considered selling the parts on Ebay.... I will think about that. The kicker is, I've had a couple wash plates strip the splines, so I've replaced it. I replaced it last year. When I replaced that one (second time) I bought an extra wash plate on Amazon. It's still in the box... Chances of it fitting the new washer are pretty slim. If it doesn't fit, I will sell that on Ebay or FaceBook marketplace.
Wow, you've had bad luck with that washer! Hopefully the manufacturer learned from their mistakes and your new one will give you many years of trouble free service.

I forgot to mention that eBay may not be the best place to sell things anymore. They now require a Social Security number tied to the seller's account. We used to sell lots of stuff on eBay, but after talking to a Social Security Account Security expert, we decided not to trust eBay & their 3rd party payment processor with our Social Security number. (Too many data compromise incidents)

By law, most on line selling venues now require the number. So far, Bonanza does not. (Nor does Craigslist because they don't handle the money.)

Life's complicated, huh?
Thanks! After our discussion, I went out and removed the top with the control board in it. That is listed on Sears Parts Direct for $388... (I won't sell it for anywhere near that, but anything is better that nothing...)

Where is a good place to sell stuff like that? I think there is a classified section on this forum. Would that work?
"Where is a good place to sell stuff like that?" "I think there is a classified section on this forum."
I never knew there was a classified section here. That's a great idea!

Maybe do an internet search for "Alternatives To eBay" to find good places to sell stuff.

Somebody, somewhere needs your parts, so they are certainly worth selling.
I've put appliance and machine parts on Craigslist with success, but sometimes they sit for a while. Often the person who buys the part is a fixer of such machines- like an appliance repair person buys a washing machine part that I list. The audience is limited because it's hard for someone to search Craigslist outside of their area.

Bonanza has a world wide audience and advertises your items on Google Shopping & some more venues, so that may be a good place to try. It costs nothing to list things & has a smaller commission on sales than eBay. (Friendlier customer support people, too)

I haven't tried Facebook Marketplace. Etsy needs a Social Security number, so I shied away.


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