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Sep 8, 2006
Columbus, OH
Our Frigidaire/Gallery front loader has died with bearing failures. It's the older model Gallery that is prone to bearing failure. I wish we had known it when we bought it five years ago, but, what can you do.

BTW, it also had trouble dispensing the fabric softener, and has recently (in the last 6months) stopped dispensing altogether. The Washer was purchased 7/2001, for reference. Don't know if this info will help anyone, but just putting it out there as another known issue - as I recall, this is fairly common.

I can say I won't be buying another Frigidaire. I also contacted them and let them know what the diagnosis is. Of course, the answer I got was 'we aren't aware of these problems'. Yes, because if you were, you might have to fix them.

I'm smelling class action lawsuit myself, but that is not what I am here for. I feel better now that I have ranted a little :D

We are looking to replace this beast.

Models under consideration - the Whirlpool Duet Sport, Bosch Nexxt 300 (WFMC2201UC), LG WM2277HW. I am also considering the Kenmore HE2 Plus. The problem I am finding is there doesn't seem to be much info on any of these models.

I'm leery of the Duet because of the 'smell' problems people have had. Having had a front loader already, we know what to do and what not to do (leave the door open to allow it to air out, clean the gasket periodically, etc). I'm wondering if these problems are mostly from people that have never had front loaders and don't know that they are 'different'. Also, is the smell problem been mostly attributable to stuff getting stuck in the drain filter?

I can little on the Kenmore HE2 Plus - is it the same guts as a Whirlpool Duet Sport with a different face?

The Bosch and LGs seem to be unknowns. Epinions has some people complaining about broken control panels on the higher end model of the Bosch from last year. We like the gasket design as it seems to most likely be able to prevent stuff getting between the inner tub and outer tub. My wife really likes that the tub is tilted back somewhat and the door is large for easy access (like a Maytag Neptune). It also hasn't been around long enough to determine long term reliability, but is it possible the same guts as a Neptune?

Finally, there is the LG - a really nice machine, but $1000. People seem to love this machine, but it also hasn't been around long. Also, some people seem to think the motor might not be powerful enough for it's size.

What is the construction like? ie, are bearings replaceable easily, etc? I am buying an extended warranty this time, but if I have another front loader fail like this Frigidaire I'll go back to the old 'low efficiency' top-loader. I can easily soak up the difference in energy and water usage when you consider I'm not replacing a $800-$1000 machine every 5 years.

The duet sport is $799, the HE2 Plus is $829, the Bosch $899, and the LG $999.

Thanks! Great informative site!

Last question: What do these places do with the old appliances? Do they turn around and sell them so someone so they can be parted out - they make money on delivery AND the old machine?


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Oct 21, 2006
Kenmore HE2

I would skip buying the Kenmore HE2 washer, even though Consumer Reports has rated it as a "Best Buy."

We purchased a Kenmore HE2 in late July 2006, delivered 31 July 2006. It worked well until mid-August 2006. It then started to drum with the sound of metal against metal when it went into the spin cycle. This went on for about three wash loads and stop. Unfortunately, it also stopped going into the final spin cycle at that time. It would start to spin and stop, roll back and forth a few times and repeat over and over. Ocassionally it would actually spin other rimes it wouldn't. We have to take a few loads to the back yard and hand-wring them. Note: we are a family of two doing maybe five loads of wash a week.

Sears came out in early September and said that it was working as it was designed to. They came back out in mid-October to look at it again. Just before they arrived, the water temperature sensor went out. The technician didn't know where the sensor was located. The tech manual stored in the front of the washer showed a wrong location. He finally had to call tech support for tech support. After two plus hours he had it back together, but refused to address the spin cycle issue. He said he was too busy and best of luck. I tried to do a load after he left and the machine almost kncoked a hole in my drywall when it went into the spin cycle. Fortunately, it must have "re-adjusted" something internally as it would do its modified final spin on subsequent loads.

Sears has now said they will pick up the machine for return. Happily, this all happened within the first 80 days of us owning it so that we could return it within the 90 day return window.
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Oct 22, 2007
winnipeg MB canada
LG are riddled with problems, they trip LE(motor overload) errors and their tech support we call for answers are nothing but a bunch of part changing monkeys, cause thats what they instruct us to do for the problem

and yes the LG's go moldy and smell