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New PYE22KYNFFS GE profile fridge freezer problems!


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Dec 1, 2021
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We bought a new GE profile French door refrigerator and it was delivered November 8th. We placed WiFi and manual fridge/freezer thermometers in the fridge and the first week the fridge would always be above 40 and the meat drawer never reached below 40. We also noticed that the bottom freezer was doing crazy temperature defrost spikes for an hour about every 18 hours - it would go up to 30 degrees and then back to 0 over an hour with a lot of condensation on the top of the freezer. We had our service team come out and they said we need a control board. So they replaced that and the fridge seemed to be the right temperature, but the freezer kept on doing it’s crazy temperature spikes and defrosting for an hour - thus making the fridge warm. So they came back out and called ge and they tested a bunch of codes and now are coming back with another new control board and a new fan for the freezer. Has anyone had this type of problem?? Of this fox doesn’t work then we get another new fridge. I attached the freezer temp spikes for reference.


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Its best to get another brand besides GE, you should have 30 days from the day you bought it to return it for a different brand, GE appliances have become troublesome for quite some time now.

We suggest Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Amana for the best reliability, and the least Bells and Whistles the better.:)

So GE replaced my fridge with the same
Brand and model and I am seeing the freezer warm up again from about -2 to 25 degrees F and back to 0 over 30-45 timeframe. I am beginning to wonder if this is the norm for this fridge, seems to be the freezer is going into auto defrost mode every few days. The good news is that with this replacement fridge the fridge is maintains it’s coolness but the freezer has crazy temp spikes! Any insights from anyone would be appreciated!


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I have no clue, sorry, Never seen that happen before.

If you plan on keeping this GE, contact GE to come out under warranty to see what's going on.

Are those plots from the refrig itself or a digital meter in the main freezer compartment?

That is a big swing in temps for a new fridge. I have a similar problem but my GE is 2002, which requires defrost system component replacements every 5-10 years.

My most recent issue is the main control board replacement and I have noticed the defrost heater stays on for 20 mins or so, temp sensors go up to 10 before cooling back down to 0. Gets warm enough and humid enough to cause the ice to condense and refreeze. Meat and most things are not affected, but ice cream softens and rehardens. Annoying and still troubleshooting, makes me think the new motherboard has changed from the original.
From a digital thermometer in the freezer. I also have another thermometer in the freezer just to make sure that the other one wasn’t broken. We have a ge tech coming this week as replacing the motherboard has not helped. Fortunately the fridge portion works it’s just the freezer that goes to these crazy high temps in auto defrost mode. I have read it could be the thermistor but who knows. It’s odd because this is the second new fridge (same model) in 2 months that is doing this.
We are having the same problems although my GE is 2002. My temp swings last longer than your spikes. Defrost heater stays on 20ish minutes, airspace temp increases to 30 deg, but freezer temp on display only says its about 5 deg. Then compressor and evap fans kick on and temps start to cool. However, over the course of 1 hour after the defrost heater turns off, thermistor temp rises to 10 deg even though cooking thermometer (and my senses) shows temps are falling during that same period.

I think it has to be a bad thermistor, though frig diagnostics say all 5 thermistors throughout the system are all passing. Curious to hear what your tech finds.
Will let you know as the ge tech comes today.

Oh and Now the fridge part when it’s in auto defrost blows hot air and it’s very humid and top of fridge reads 60. Terrible for a new fridge!! Hope to have a resolution today!


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So the so called GE tech came out, was here for a whole 10 minutes and said we need a new control board. He didn't even diagnose the issue just looked on his computer and said yep need a new control board. I proceeded to tell him we had the control board replaced on January 12th, he didn't listen and said it will be here in a month and don't use the fridge. We are now in contact with where we bought this piece of crap and start the process of getting our money back. I will never buy a GE fridge again.
I proceeded to tell him we had the control board replaced on January 12th, he didn't listen and said it will be here in a month and don't use the fridge. We are now in contact with where we bought this piece of crap and start the process of getting our money back. I will never buy a GE fridge again.
Yes, GE is losing lots of customers due to these problems.

Thanks for letting others know too, so they can avoid GE as well.

Sorry to hear that Epanema. I finally fixed my 2002 Ge Arctica defrost issues above. Turns out, the knock off brand new evap thermistor did not pass specs and didn't track temps correctly. Replaced that with a GE one, but at the same time, cut out orig freezer sidewall thermistor and spliced in a knock off brand there as well (came with a duplicate defrost heater I bought a while back). OHMs check on sidewall thermistor showed no continuity and was garbage.

Final fix yesterday, I tested both thermistors and both passed the icewater OHMS resistance check separately and again from the wiring harness after install (both are GE OEM). Been 24 hours with no warm and humid defrost cycle. Turned on the icemaker and if I am lucky, I should be good for another five years. Gained a lot of confidence for future fixes through this process. Kudos to Jake and everyone who contributes to this blog.
Thank you! If only the service techs would listen to me and check the thermistors and replace them instead of not even investigating and always replacing the control board - which does nothing! We have contacted the place where we bought the appliance and they have asked ge for a product credit again, this time no more GE fridges.

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