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New Samsung NX60A6511SS gas range , gas burners too high


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Mar 2, 2023
Perryville, AR
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Hi all,

I bought a new Samsung NX60A6511SS gas range, and followed the directions to convert it to propane. It's replacing an old Hot Point gas range. After the install was finished, I turned it on, and the oven seems to be fine, but the 4 regular burners are way too high. The center oval burner is just perfect.

I watched a couple youtube videos of other people doing the LP conversion, and I couldn't find anything I did wrong. I double and triple checked everything. I correctly reversed the spud in the back and replaced all 7 of the orifices. Everything is snug.

I tried adjust the low burner setting on the range, but that doesn't seem to help. If I turn it down, then the low flame sputters out, but the regular flame is still way too high. And I mean the flame is orange and goes up several inches above the grate. In fact the gas pressure is so high the burner has trouble igniting.

Anything obvious I'm missing?

Edit: I should add that the oven and broil flames are just fine.
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I can't locate the LP conversation kit for this model, it should be in your installation manual.

What's the LP conversation kit you got, what's the part number of it? And where did you get it from?

The store you bought the range at should of been able to get you that LP Kit.

If your absolutely sure you have the correct LP Kit, then you will need to Contact Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) to come out under warranty to see what's going on.
The LP conversion kit came with the range. Thanks for the suggestion to call Samsung. I'd called Home Depot, and they weren't much help. But Samsung was great, and they're sending a tech out.
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