FIXED New Waste King L-2600 leaks to the side near waste drain pipe


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Jul 26, 2012
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Good morning! We had an old InSinkErator that was original to the house (so probably 24 years old) with a leak just to the left of it where the waste drain pipe meets the unit. We decided to take the opportunity to just replace the whole thing because the old one was loud and didn't grind very well any more, but the new Waste King we installed has a leak in the very same place.

We used the gasket that came with the Waste King but we also kept a second gasket, the one that was on the old unit, and I'm wondering if we shouldn't have done that?

Is it possible the gasket that came with the Waste King might not be good? If so, what replacement gasket would we need?

(I chose "Wards" as the brand on the drop-down menu because there wasn't a Waste King option, hope that was okay.)
Okay, hope these are what you need. I drew an arrow on the second one to point to where the leak is.


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When you tighten the flange against the gasket alternate between the two screws so you're applying equal pressure on both sides of the flange.
Hey, sorry I didn't get back sooner -- our waste drain pipe was about half a centimeter too short, which we didn't realize because we'd used the gasket that came with the drain pipe kit but didn't need to, and it "bridged" that half centimeter which confused us. We got a new drain pipe and cut it to fit and everything seems fine now. It really baffled us for a few days, it looked just fine but wasn't!
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