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News Flash!! It's a MIRACLE! Clothes Washer Repairs Itself!!


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Jun 26, 2010
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1-5 years
Okay, I KNOW you guys don't want to (nay, WILL NOT) delve into the quirky world of European makes and models but you really have to listen to this story (and maybe I could get you to just think broad strokes, in a Non-brand/model specific way What The Heck Could Be Going On.)

I swear, my Blomberg clothes washer (WM77110NBL01 - I used the BOSCH label in the post details as there is no Blomberg choice) appears to be resurrected, back from the dead. and without my changing anything.
and I am completely baffled. Here's the long story.

in about... July my tenants told me their clothes washer timer would not tick down. It took in water and then.... just sat there, showing "52min" or "27min" or whatever cycle had been selected.
You all said (as usual) "we don't do European brands". Fair enough. As they'd just had a baby I had to scramble, so I just bought a decent 2nd hand compact replacement, whipped it in, removed the failed original and they were back in the laundry busines

But this seemed so weird (that a machine should just stall like that.) I had to investigate. I figured I cannot be the first person to have this problem with a Blomberg. and per the user manual the normal reasons the timer will not count down are:
1) not enough water in the drum (which is not happening - I could see the water level)
or 2) water not to correct temperature. This I could not test (Hmmm, though in hindsight I should have felt the discharge water when I drained the unit after a failed WARM or VERYHOT cycle, as the unit I guess heats it's own water???)

Problem is there are NO online forums like this anywhere for European brands. (well, there are two in the UK but they are pretty useless and have no good information. You guys spoil us out here on ABF)
so I dragged this to a garage and sat on it figuring I would troubleshoot it at my leisure.

the other problem was, this is a 220v machine (that would normally plug into the back of the matching dryer) but now the washer was 150miles from the dryer and so to benchtest it I would have rig up a 220v extension cord with a weird NEMA 6-15 female 220v connector (very hard to find in Canada) and an outdoor double water supply line. (so I could not even get a real repair person to come look at it as I didn't have power or water nearby)
So finally this past weekend (just as the snow was threatening to fly) I got all those pieces together in one place and dug in.

and here's where it gets weird.

once I pulled the washer out of 5 months storage in the garage and got everything hooked up, I set up a test cycle (on COLD - thinking maybe it was a water temperature sensor problem), pressed start. It took in water. And to my amazement..... THE CYCLE RAN SUCCESSFULLY.
then I ran another cycle on WARM and it Failed.
so I figured "that's it! bad water temperature sensor"
so I ran a 3rd cycle, back on COLD. and... It Failed.
as did cycle 4,5,6 etc.

Frustrated, I unplugged everything and rolled the unit back into the garage.

The next morning (I was working outdoors and it is about freezing) I hooked everything up again.
Cycle 1. SUCCESS.
Cycles 2,3,4,...etc. FAIL

so I thought I was seeing a pattern. it would appear that the first cycle after being left unplugged would run correctly, but subsequent cycles would fail.
so I am wondering "is there some electrical component that gets overcharged and has to dissipate the charge before it'll run a single cycle. a capacitor? a resistor?" (i know nothing about electronics so this is just me dreaming crap up.)
or is it maybe water pressure?is there something in the water supply line that is getting jammed and the pressure has to drop.

so I leave it for.... 10 minutes, fully unplugged and no water pressure.

Hook it all back up.
Cycle 1. FAIL
Cycles 2,3,4 FAILS

maybe 10 minutes is not a long enough disconnect/cool down / reset period.

so I disconnected everything for 1 hour.
hook it all back up.
Cycle 1 = FAIL
Cycles 2,3,4 FAILS

frustrated AGAIN I rolled it back into the garage for another night.

Morning 3. Last try before it goes to the dump.
roll everything out, set it all up.
Cycle 1. Cold. SUCCESS.
Cycle 2. Warm. SUCCESS.
Cycles 3,4,5,6 vaious Warm and Cold. All ran Successfully.

now I could not make the machine FAIL.
I am completely baffled. How can a machine go from Only the First Test Cycle Run (and only after a long shut down) to.... Appears To Run Correctly Everytime? without my having done or changed Anything.
This is just a bundle of mechanical and electronic parts.

at this point it is now full on sub freezing winter. and since this has to stay in an unheated garage til spring (my partner is barely allowing me to hold onto this unit At All so I dare not suggest that I store it in doors) I winterized with with antifreeze and pulled the garage door down.

So, What The Heck?

And again, I know you aren't familiar with European brands. but really, this is a bigger question than just brand. This is an Appliance Repair miracle.
while the makes and models all have specific differences what's a clothes washer anyway? basically 4 elements, No? water inlet, a pump to drain, some electronics and a motor to turn the drum. oh and a sensor or two.

so, what could possibly have changed?



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