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FIXED NFW7200TW11 Amana washer will not spin or drain


Premium Member
May 14, 2020
Woodbridge, VA
Hi there, I'm posting here, since I have the same problem described above. Here is what is happening and what I have done so far:
-getting "nd" error.
-replaced drain pump. Afterwards I realized is not the pump because it's still doing the same.
-tested voltage (as instructed on the Manual) on connectors at board and they are ok (120V)
-tested voltage at pump connector (cable that comes from board), it was never steady. Fluctuating a lot. (Actually, I remember that the pump sometimes worked (for seconds) intermittently, would it be because of the variable voltage?)
-I noticed what it look to me like burned signs of components on the board (see pictures)
-I found that cockroaches were living around the board (I saw one and there were a lot of drops around). Could that damage the board? I guess so
Thanks for your help