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NTW4650YQ0 Amana top load won't spin, code F7E1. Already replaced shift actuator.


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Jul 16, 2023
Minnesota, USA
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6-10 years
Hello, my Amana washer had been failing to completely spin clothes after wash cycles for the last several weeks, but it was possible to select the Drain & Spin cycle to pull most of the water out of them. After some research on this issue, I ordered and installed a new shift actuator ( https://www.appliancepartspros.com/whirlpool-actuator-shift-wpw10006355-ap6014711.html ) - Now it will not go into a spin cycle at all, even if manually set to Drain & Spin. It sounds like it just begins to spin up for a second, then stops, and the "Lid Locked" LED flashes (the lid latch does remain locked). The fault code I'm getting is F7E1 – BASKET SPEED FAULT. If I try to run the automatic test mode it goes through all the tests normally until the spin cycle, then gets stuck at the same point (the spin stops immediately after starting, Lid Locked LED flashes, lid remains locked). Same result when attempting a low spin or high spin test in manual rest mode. The lid lock test seems to perform as expected - latch closes/light comes on, then latch opens/light goes off.
Is this a lid latch problem? What else am I not thinking of? Thanks for any assistance!
Ok, not sure if anybody is following along, but I have now replaced the lid latch assembly in addition to the shift actuator I previously replaced. No change, machine still will not spin. Machine still performs all functions in the automatic and manual tests as expected, except for the spin tests. When starting those tests it sounds like it is beginning to start to spin up, but stops after about a second, then the lid locked LED flashes and the lid remains locked. The only way to get past that is to unplug and replug it, then the lid unlocks after a few seconds.
I disassembled the clutch, it appears to be in good condition.
Belt looks fine.
The machine will fill, agitate, and drain with no problems.
Tachometer test shows that it does sense the basket spinning.
Tub spins freely both ways.

I feel like I'm running out of things to try.... the capacitor maybe?
I have the same problem, the washer only does final spin during separate Spin cycle, not during the any of the complete wash selections. I am just starting to troubleshoot it. I did a reset (unplugged the washer for 5+ minutes) but still have the same problem.

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