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NX58F5500SS Samsung oven SE error


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Mar 5, 2023
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6-10 years

I just purchased a home and I have a Samsung NX58F5500SS/AA stove that has the SE error code. I searched the issues and attempted the reboot, also the eraser trick, but it looks like it may be the "warm" button that is shorted. Can anyone assist with a membrane part number so I can get this switched out please?

You can find the keypad for that model at the following links:

LINK > NX58F5500SS/AA OEM Samsung Control Keypad

Thanks, Dan.

I also have another question regarding the stove...the interior light inside the stove clicks on and off when the door is open. I removed the light bulb and metered it, I'm getting voltage drops and restores...Do you think I will need to replace the PCB board?
I don't know what you mean by that. The interior light should be off and then come on when the door is opened.

the clicking sounds like it's coming from the PCB board. When the oven door is open, the light turns on and off and a clicking noise is heard around the PCB board. I screwed off the bulb to meter the contacts to see if it was just a bad bulb or the oven. The oven clicking seems to be cutting off power to the light bulb intermittently
I'm afraid I don't have a wiring diagram for that model to look at its circuit. If you find the one on the range and can post a copy here I'll look at it to try to determine the possibilities.

There will be some sort of door actuated switch, the electronic control or relay board (if the oven light circuit is electronically controlled as well) and the wiring in between. Any of those might produce your stated symptom. Further investigation would be required to determine which might be responsible in your case.

Dan O.
What's the best way to troubleshoot that?

Is it better to just replace the PCB at the same time as the membrane and see if that fixes all my issues?
What's the best way to troubleshoot that?

I'm afraid I have no idea. To make matters worse, any testing would have to be done when the condition is occurring.

If you can isolate the light's wiring at the control, it might be possible to measure its power output to see if it is fluctuating there to confirm a control malfunction?

Dan O.
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