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NX58H9500WS/AA Oven Not Lighting, Gas Valve or Control Board?


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Jan 23, 2023
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1-5 years
I have a four year old Model NX58H9500WS/AA Gas Range/Broiler/Oven. The Oven stopped warming about a week ago. The Broiler gets gas and works fine. The Stovetop gets gas and works fine. When you go to turn on and preheat the Oven, the relay clicks, the igniter comes on and glows bright orange, but no gas is released to the oven burner. The brass orifice for the oven is clean and not plugged. The oven burner tube holes are clean and open.

I suspect it is either a bad gas valve assembly (DG94-00449A), or a faulty rear control board (DE92-02439J). Any ideas which is the more likely culprit? I do not really want to replace both to find out, lol. One service tech I talked to felt the gas valve assembly is more likely, but didnt seem to confident. Could the igniter be an issue, it seems to glow brightly and powers on upon turning the oven on.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for the response. Any information on how to test the "amperage when glowing". I have an amp meter, where would I specifically put the probes on the igniter to get an amperage reading?

This is a graphic Rick made to illustrate the proceedure.

Oven Igniter Test DMM & Amprobe.jpg
Dan, Thank you, you steered me in the right direction. Amperage was low. Replacement ignitor on the way! I will provide an update upon installation. ThankS!


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