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FIXED NX58K9500W Samsung propane oven not turning on


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Feb 9, 2013
ontario canada
Model Number
1-5 years
We have a samsung propane slide gas range Model NX58K9500W the stove top work fine the oven will not come on
Do you see a orange glow from the bottom of your oven when you turn on the bake cycle?

If not, I always check for 120 volts with my meter to the igniter glowbar when it should be glowing when you first start the oven. Just remove the electrical connector to that glowbar and put your meter probes in the electrical connector.

If your meter reads 120 volts and its not glowing, then its bad.

Here's the oven igniter for your model, if needed:
DG94-00520A Assy-Hot Surface Igniter
You're welcome!
Excellent good job, glad to hear the new oven igniter fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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