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NX58R4311SG Samsung gas range/Stove top works/Broiler works/ Oven does not !


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Jan 14, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
We have a Samsung gas range.
We replaced the ignitor a few months back and the oven has worked fine till now!
My range top works ...my panel is functional, and the broiler works fine too.
Just no oven. The panel comes on like it normally did, but never heats the oven up at all! It stays at the initial start up phase!
Booklet says turn it off and on...then unplug unit/wait 30 seconds then plug back in.
I'm going to try that to see if any codes appear!
Any other suggestions? I guess its still more cost effective to get another ignitor even if its not the main issue this time around! We did opt for the "better ignitor" when we changed it out the first time, it wasn't a knock off part!
What revision do you have on the model number tag?

Here's the oven bake glow bar igniter for model's 00 and 01:
DG94-00520A Assy-Hot Surface Igniter
Yes we did replace that igniter bar in August with a factory part. The new one worked fine till now. It does not even ignite anymore.
My husband did have the old part and tried it. The oven heated up! We will be replacing the ignitor again!!! I was not happy to see this new factory part lasted 4 months!
Thank you for all your help!
I buy lots of things from Amazon myself, buy never appliance parts, as techs we only buy OEM parts from appliance parts distributors. Not where they sell everything from Dog Food to Diapers.

If you install the OEM one I posted in post #2 above I promise it will last years, not months.
Good to know. We thought factory parts were just that much better so we trusted! Didn't realize greed and deceit would rear its head in appliances too!
Will be buying from legit dealer from now on!
Thank you!
Got notice today that my "review" of this product will not be posted! So this is how they keep true reviews from being seen by others!
Sad for this to be the norm anymore!
Thank you for all your help.
Lesson learned!!!!
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