Old Kelvinator needs help!


Jul 29, 2023
Rochester MI
Model Number
106Y0008 CYC8/47
First off… thanks for the add to this group! So here’s my story…. My grandparents always had an old school fridge which I loved and always wanted for my first home. I got this old Kelvinator fridge from my dad around 24 years ago. I gave it a paint job and it has been the best beer fridge one could imagine. But here’s where you guys and gals come in… it stopped getting cold and I’m devastated! It still has power but just won’t get cold. I’m not even sure what the model number is or where to begin so please help me! I’d love to get it repaired but I don’t know where to start. Let me know your thoughts and thanks! I’m near Detroit


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Very nice late 40s/early 50s Kelvinator. Does the compressor motor run when you turn it on? If so and it's not getting cold the problem is with the sealed refrigeration system and unfortunately is beyond the scope of the average do it yourselfer.
However, if the compressor doesn't run or runs for a few seconds then stops and repeats this over and over the thermostat, wiring, or compressor relay might be the problem.

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