Open Letter to Maytag re: 4 year old glass top range

Nov 9, 2007
Kodiak, Alaska
I was watching one of those commericals were you have the Maytag repairman fixing the stuffed animal machines, as the familiarly annoying F1 beep of our stove [ model # MES5770AAC] echoes from the kitchen. This happens every time we use it! And I'm thinking, you should send that repair guy up here to me!!! I live on Kodiak Island, Alaska. According to the Web there are quite a few of us VERY UNHAPPY Maytag Stove[model #MESS5770AAC] owners all over these United States, He could start here and work his way down. It is impossible to calculate the damage done to the once respected Maytag name by your refusal to recognize what is an obvious design flaw. Large appliance sales are heavily driven by word of mouth. I certainly strongly advise my friends and neighbors to avoid your products, as a result of the bitterly disappointing experience of trying to use our beautiful new stove, which was to be a centerpeice of our remodeled kitchen. After repeated warrantee work and attempts to repair it myself it seems the design flaw- simply that the oven doesn't vent properly and damages the control board, renders it unfixable.
But you know that. Is the engineer who designed it still in your employ? It is inconceivable to me that your company would not move to protect your brand by admitting the flaw and replacing the stoves.:mad:
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