Opinion on the purchase of a 2006 Wolf 48" gas range


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Feb 12, 2023
I've been looking at Wolf ranges for some time now. I have a 48" Jenn Air with a gas grill that has seen its days and I want to replace it with a Wolf 48" range with a grill.

I was going to buy new but the price has gone up significantly and the wait time is over 6 months and you need to pay up front.

Looking at used options, I found a few, and one which physically is in very good condition almost looking new, the vendor of course has cleaned it up very nicely, and the
price he offered me is 6400$

It's a 2006. I was surprised when he told me the date of manufacture, since it looks so good. That would be the same date as my Jenn Air, so I'm a bit concerned about
its operation. The vendor says it works with no issues. My Jenn Air works well too, but I'm having issues with igniters and such and some of the components are needing replacement
now and the costs are high for parts.

I would like to move up to something with a little more power, I'm somewhat of a "chef" and cook daily, so it gets a lot of use.

QUESTION: Is $6400 (taxes and shipping included) about right for a 2006 48" Range with 6 burners and an grill?

also, what is the most likely component to fail and what would I expect to pay for a repair.

I have the unit on hold and need to make a decision by Monday.

Thanks for replying. Its a Wolf DF486C 48 Inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range

I will be using standard nat gas hookup, same as my Jenn Air now. The range is exactly what I'm looking for.

I see you have two threads, thought my post was lost. The dual fuel is a nice range. Too late now but if you can get the serial#, call Wolf and get a service history on it. Also it would be nice if seller gave you a guarantee on it passing diagnostics once you get it. I say yes.
Thanks thats a good idea. I'll get the serial number and check it out. If it were a new home I'd go for new, but given its going into a "working" kitchen it will fit right in. So you think the price is in the zone I'm assuming. If I can get 5 or 6 years out of it without major issues I'll be fine. That would be about the time I would redo the entire kitchen.
It's less than 1/2 price. Most repairs are relatively easy if you know what you're doing, parts like I mentioned in your other thread are readily available but $$. BTW that beast is heavy but has rear rollers.
Hello all, I ran the s/n by the Wolf service department and the told me it was produced in 2005, sold and installed mid 2006 and they had no record of it being serviced in the 5 year warranty window and could not provide info beyond that.

Also, an update on the price, I dont know why I thought it was $6200, the price including taxes and delivery is actually $8200. Do ya'll think it is still a decent deal?

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