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Our Whirlpool LHA7800W1 filled normally but would not agitate, spin, or drain.


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Mar 4, 2017
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I see similar posts for for no agitation or spin but with the drain cycle still working. Our Whirlpool stopped working without any warning. It filled up with water but would not agitate, spin, or drain. Would appreciate whatever advice you can offer. (yes, it was still plugged in and there is power to the outlet:))

This is a 1979 Whirlpool, old belt drive/wigwag style.

Here's the parts diagram: Parts for Whirlpool LHA7800W1: Top and Console Parts

The timer is bad, very common to happen on this model when everything is dead like that.

Unfortunately, the Timer is No Longer Available.

Thank you for your help. Wow, didn't know our washer was that old! My wife just told me that the dial did end up where it usually did when the washer was finished. She had started the washer and didn't pay any attention to it after that. She didn't know there was a problem until she opened the lid and it was full of water. I rotated the timer to different stages but none would work except for the fill function. I think if may have over-filled the washer if I hadn't stopped it. When the timers go do they still keep turning the dial to the end of wash?
When the timers go do they still keep turning the dial to the end of wash?
Yes, on the old Whirlpool models pre 1986 that's exactly what they did, on newer Whirlpools they won't, the dial will stop and not continue to the end.

Your welcome.


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