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Oven not igniting for JGBS30DEK3WW even after replacing


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Dec 31, 2022
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1-5 years
Hi all, my igniter isn't glowing. I bought a replacement off of Amazon, but it's still not igniting. I've got a multimeter, but I'm not entirely sure what to look for. I'm concerned voltage isn't getting to the igniter. Any thoughts?
Its always best to buy OEM appliance parts from only trusted OEM dealers. Like from AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic which Always has a 365 day warranty on ALL parts.

I always check for 120 volts at the electrical connector that the oven igniter snaps into with the oven ON.

The 2 wires that come out of your oven igniter glow bar and connect to your range, check for 120 volts there(with the oven ON). If you don't have a quick disconnect from your oven igniter glow bar wires, I cut the wires(unplug your range first) then put the volt meter probes on the 2 wires that come from the range side and plug in your range and put it ON bake, if you get 120 volts, then its the oven igniter glow bar that's bad.

This is your OEM oven glow bar bake igniter:
WB13K21 Oven Igniter

Watch this video below if needed, it shows you how to use the multimeter:

That's a fantastic response, thank you! I do have a quick disconnect, and I'm not getting 120v. It seems like at rest it's around 30, and when I turn it to bake, I hear a click, and it goes up to about 40. Could it be a break in the wires coming from the temperature knob?
Yes, disconnect power to your range and check the wires to the oven glow bar igniter for any breaks in them, if none found then the temperature control thermostat is the culprit.

Here's the temperature control thermostat for your model:

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