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Feb 17, 2016
Many people think the Adaptive Defrost Control only controls the Defrost cycle. It has 12 leads that are labeled evaporator fan, fresh food control, fresh food door, switch common, damper open, hot (black wire or 110 volts), defrost, frz cold control, compressor out, damper motor, neutral (common), and bmetal def.
I personally have had problems with my condenser fan cycling on and off and the damper opening and closing repeatedly. I would post pics but don't know how.
You mean your evaporator fan motor in the freezer section? The condenser fan motor is in the back next to the compressor.

If your model has mechanical temperature control thermostats then I always order this kit: Frigidaire 5304482075 Control Box Assembly

It includes that adaptive defrost control board already installed for you.

Yes its expensive but fixes it right up first time everytime.:)

To post photos just click the little photo frame icon in the menu of this editor box that you type in.:)

You are correct, my bad. And, I don't see that icon on my android phone. I'll check it out on my laptop when I get time. Thanks.
Yes, the control board did the trick. Also, had trouble with crushed or cubed ice. Found that the solenoid had frozen in the up position. Weird. Thanks again!

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